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  • Hay, finished Harry Potter 5 again... finally. Do the things in the Department of Mysteries get explained more in the next books? I'm intrigued about that arch in the Death Room that Sirius falls through, what is it? Do you know? :)
    Hey Papou! I wanted to let you know about a new thread I made. It's called Who would win? Hope you check it out!
    Lol, it says water, pear juice, sugar, corn starch, High fructose corn syrup, grape juice, orange juice, cherry juice, natural flavor(yeah right), citric acid, malic acid, vegetable juice, guar gum, and other junk.
    I'm feeling great! I feel twitchy from the popsicle I just had, but great nonetheless!
    yup, yuor riht! He's my favorite character on the show! Asuma is my best in clash of ninja revolution(if you don't know him, look him up, i'm bad at explaining things)
    yeah axel fano008, his average is 7.64 and mine is 3.5, but right know ive only got i more to win and hes still on like 167 or something.
    excuse me im of to make my 200th post.
    Poor Fred :(
    My image of Hermione is that she has way more bushy hair and Harry is a midget with scruffy-er hair. I read one of the books way after I saw the movie first movie so I couldn't remember what Hogwarts looked like in it, so I made my own and edit it whenever I find something wrong between my head and the story.
    Hows he die? Don't tell me if it gives the whole story away.

    And when you saw the movies did the Hogwarts in the movie look different to how it did in your head? It did for me.

    oh and my post adverage is above 5 = P
    Yeah I heard one of the Weasley brothers die :'( there awsome, its sad. Did they ever end up setting up that joke shop?
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