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    People take the idea of KH’s “worlds” too literally

    I once saw this argument when I looked on Twitter for a screenshot of the early Monsters Inc. leaks.
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    Wow—I forgot that it’s been two years since I joined!

    Wow—I forgot that it’s been two years since I joined!
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    Were the Final Fantasy characters ever needed in Vanilla KH3?

    Not necessarily, but I would’ve appreciated it, since it’s usually tradition. Plus, they could’ve introduced Faris to the series through the Caribbean.
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    KH3 was robbed

    Freaking Death Stranding beat KH3 in the Best Music category, and Disco...WHATEVER beat KH3 in Best RPG. You'd think Geoff would've given at least Best RPG to KH3 since he's more interested in mainstream advertising, but NAAAAAAAH.
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    News ► Square Enix adds KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Re Mind to Jump Festa 2020 lineup

    Something tells me it’s gonna be today’s State of Play trailer again.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Screenshots and Renders Released

    You know, the new Sora render looks like something that would work in Smash Ultimate. Heck, someone even did a photoshop edit where they turned up the brightness, and now it's even more legit-looking: ...for an edited render, anyways.
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    Resident Evil 2 | January 25th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

    The RE3 remake was officially announced at today’s State of Play. And hey! Project REsistance is actually an online multiplayer part of the game!
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    My heart wants it to be Kingdom Hearts, but my mind says it's gonna be Epic Mickey.
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    News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC trailer, Release Dates Announced

    My thoughts exactly. It’s great that Nomura is listening to feedback at all, and my only hope at this point is that he learns from this later down the line.
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    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    Real talk, I never understood why both of Capcom’s Capcom vs. SNK games limited their rosters to characters from Street Fighter and King Of Fighters. We could‘ve has the same level of franchise diversity that even Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite had with Capcom side of the roster that it shamelessly...
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    News ► Rumour: Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Trailer Coming Next Month, New Difficulties Teased

    Not to get my hopes up (in fact, I’m surely stretching), but what if that revamped 358/2 Days scene is part of a potential 358/2 Days remake? Outside of that, I’m at least glad we got info at the concert.
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    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    After playing the recent KH3 demo, I feel like Angelic Amber is…kinda uninspired for a possessed doll boss. Where’s my hot tea hose attack, Nomura? Or my teapot Heartless? Or an army I’d possessed doll clothes?
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    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Missed opportunity for KH3 #1836429: Not bringing back the Wight Knight and Gargoyle Heartless and redesigning them to fit with Monsters Inc. (these guys):
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    How would you react if…?

    I'd have to see how it was executed to give a proper judgement. How would you react if there was a Heartless based on the Golem from Dragon Quest in Monstropolis and Twilight Town?