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  • I know right?

    Teachers say math has application when it doesn't, the day I go, 'If the angle of depression is 38 degrees and I am standing on a cliff 107 meters high, how far away is the boat from the cliff?' I will pay my math teacher $20
    Oh. Does this mean I'm weird? Hm..

    Well, Geometry is a bit tricky; application problems are literally nonexistent ^^, I mean I'm not going to go outside and go, "Man.. I really want to know how to find the hypotenuse of this tree branch that conveniently formed a right angle." *Goes to get a calculator*

    "Hey, what are you doing?"
    "Yeah, wanna join us?"
    Well, you are awesome and your bf must be awesome too; someone must be that awesome to go out with you right?

    And I'm not awesome nee-chan ^^, I'm just a 13 kid who plays football, does his trigonometry homework, and gets into political debates online.

    Great to know nee-chan ^^. Except my mood is better, it has a made-up word that's a combination of two words :p
    Just dandy?

    Hm, I suppose that is good. I'm super-awesome-chocolate-fudgy-hyperactive-ADD-fantabulously GREAT! ^^
    Oi, oi, that isn't funny nee-chan..

    HOW COME YOU GET TO BE THE COOL DRAGON BUT I TURN TRANSPARENT! I hate coming back to life. *tries to pull a suicidal Sora but the keyblade phases through*, OH COME ON.. ^^
    Blarhdasudi! *dies from the rocket*

    *comes back as a spirit* You have defeated me, you have earned this prize.. DR. OCTAGONAPUS BLARGG *fires laser at you* ^^
    Oi, oi, that isn't fair. You have a long range weapon while I have a short range.. And we are standing away from each other, specifically a football fields length! *hides in the grass*
    Yeah.. Good thing huh..

    It appears Pheonex has discovered her potential, the only possible solution is elimination. *pulls out a flame thrower* MUAHAHA
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