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  • And what plot/setting would appeal to you most? Other than games/movies/shows/etc that you enjoy.
    Question! Would you prefer a RP that has a defined limitation to powers or would you enjoy absolute free-range in that regard?
    So hey, I'm going to trust you with the next move in the scene involving Leroy, Chizuma and Randall.
    I narrowed it down to it being my monitor, the problem that is, so today we're going to best buy to get a new monitor. I'll be on Skype later on!
    All right update time: We've hit a snag. I went and bought the VGA cable and tried it today to find out that it isn't compatible somehow with my computer. It plugs in fine, but you know the two screws on either side of the head? Those are too short and Best Buy apparently didn't have any other model (they had like four different types of cables available, all the same length). I'll need to find a different one elsewhere, Radio Shack or the interwebs. So, pass that on to Promise, please. This isn't me doing a disappearing act, my very old cable-san is crappy and I'm on my mom's computer btw. I'll update upon new developments. Apologize for me too :/
    Turns out my video cable from the computer blew up. Well, not literally, but it's very old. It's the same cable I've used since our first computer, I'll have to get a new one this weekend. That's why my screen was flickering last night :/
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