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  • Applied at Freds & Starbucks, I really hope I get starbucks, $8 an hour is great, to just sit their & make coffee all day! :D
    I had work, im a lifeguard, i usually work only during summers but this time i wanted to continue into the school year since i graduated, but i fucked up towords the end of the summer so im seasonally unemployed.
    omfg critical with Terra was ridiculously difficult! Wheelie master kicked my ass at least 50 fucking times!
    yeah ive played 1 2 com, bbs & ill get recoded eventually

    did you play on critical?
    lolol, I hate MMORPG's so boring DX, my lil brothers a star player for the school soccer team, so all he plays is Fifa & fighting games, i can get him to play a lil KH but he dosnt get absorbed in it like i do lol
    you gave me visitor msg 1000 id give you a special prize but... lol

    your brother dosnt like KH? the hell does he play then?
    sorry had to take my brother to a birthday party.

    The Wii is a region locked console, though unregion locking it is rather easy.
    Metroid Prime 1 (2 sucks, 3 is AMAZING) the starfox game when you fly alot, i think its assault.

    thats all i reall remember, i didnt play to many gc games mostly ps2, im now going back & playing tales of Symphonia, Wind Waker & Metroid Prime 2.

    your so lucky to live in Europe you guys are getting Last story, Pandoras tower & xenoblade chronicles! im so jelly!
    PS3, PS2,Wii (Which i mostly play gamecube games), 3DS, DS, PSP,

    Sorry it takes me so long to respond, im chatting on #junes with site staff & some others
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