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  • Hahaha, good job! Are you keeping up with Glee right now? :3
    True, in college there's not time for most of your fandoms anyway.
    Pay back isn't allowed then! You were young, he is old. xD Get your hands on some of these spoilers before him and start spoiling again~
    Oh man those two deaths happened like RIGHT AWAY in the movie. -_o I knew about Hedwig, but not about Madeye. Well, I think it's definitely because you used to spoil things for him then. I'm so lucky I don't have siblings in that regard. xD So if he's 19, how old are you?
    What a douche. xD He totally wants to spoil it if he starts dropping hints like that. I'd beat him up. I have a bad enough time when I spoil things for myself but when other people spoil things, jeeze. Like, I don't read the Harry Potter books but I watch the movies. I've had about 7 or 8 deaths spoiled for me, so not impressed with my friends for that. xD
    Oh no, I didn't get the gender bender spoiled for me. That was effed. xD I got her being a part of Sora spoiled. o_- So half of the mystery... I'm not sure if I'm glad or not that I was surprised by the gender bender. xD
    Oh jeeze, how old is he? 'Cause if he's young it's understandable; it sounds like he just gets over excited. I find it hard to keep my mouth shut about spoilers with my friends because I get excited, but I manage.
    Oh friggin wikipedia. -shakes head- That ruined what Xion was to me, I was just trying to look up COM info on the Organization. xD Oh god I can't believe they ruined Vanitas and the Lingering Sentiment for you. -_- That's so lame. Agreed, screw KH wiki.
    That's not such a bad thing, I think I've been on here too much. Generally I'll post on a discussion but people take so long to reply, I leave the thread and don't remember to recheck it. xD BBS is what prompted me to join this site, but ugh I've been on so much that I've seen a ton of people not use spoiler tags on Recoded info and most of that game is ruined for me now. >_> So, when KH3D gets released in Japan I might bail for a long time.
    That's okay~ things that are going on in real life (such a weird term xD) take priority. I think that rule is very true, even though I've only been on here a couple of months. o_o I was wondering where everybody got those. xD Man, I don't know. >_> They could have photoshopped them maybe? I thought they just got them from the Coded picture section but nope, I was wrong. xD
    yep, they're mine. unfortunately, they're falling apart! well, Cloud is, his action figure is so flimsy. I think they were meant to be displayed more than posed and photoshot'd <-not a word
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