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    Help/Support ► Hair dye help

    But now you don't match your avi :( JK, looks nice.
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    Help/Support ► Big Nose Avatar

    1.) They're moogles 2.) You can only get one from here: http://forums.khinsider.com/fanclubs/162347-moogle-army-were-kupo-kuponuts.html But right now Sign isn't taking any more requests.
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    I made an awesome

    The theatrhythm avatar thingies are adorable: More to come~ ALSO: Is this the right place to post these?
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    Birth By Sleep Secret Video Question On How To Get It

    As far as I remember, you only get the final episode to appear AFTER you've beaten the scenario of the last character your playing as as long as you have all the reports (and if you've done it all on proud mode) The final chapter is a new save file, but Aqua's commands/stats/everything will...
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    KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu (Full translation in the opening post!)

    Re: KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu (Full translation now in!) Interactive cutscenes? Do they mean ones where you choose what Sora/Riku says, or where you get to actually move them around during the cutscene?
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    KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu (Full translation in the opening post!)

    Re: KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu. So finally some news about DDD, huh? Now we can all start speculating :) As for these two new characters, do you suppose they'll be from FF or new originals?
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    Never played XIII yet still made a lightning tag

    Without Text With Text *Is totally intimidated by all you people with actual talent but finally got the balls to post something*
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    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy: Mixed Worlds

    Hmm.... this looks interesting... Is the Cain in this story meant to be the same one in FFIV?
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    Vanitas' Novel Backstory

    Wow. Interesting read. Canon or not, this was a nice little way of looking at Vanitas and making him more pitiable. I almost wish he managed to complete the X-Blade now. :(
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    Sort of, kind of, back again?

    I know none of you really know me, but I've had an account here for quite a while, although I didn't really post very often. I'm hoping that this summer I can actually manage to be active enough to not feel like a super-lurker or something.(Only 192 posts in almost two years... ugh...)
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    Psychonauts - "What a nice lady!"

    Psychonauts Just recently rented and beat this from gamefly. Thinking of doing a new game with cheats to see all this supposed extra dialogue. It's a very well done game. Love the art style. Also: Tim Schafer wants to make Psychonauts 2- Destructoid This HAS to be made. Too bad it probably...
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    Support Japan's recovery through PSN

    To help support the recovery in Japan, Sony created an option on the PSN to donate various amounts of money($2, $5, $10, $25 and $50) from your wallet to the American Red Cross – Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund. You also get a free theme for your PS3. Japan Tsunami Appeal On PSN –...
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    Something interesting about KH3D and...

    Cool. Might even consider translating it, if I can figure out enough of it from my one and a half years of Spanish.
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    Something interesting about KH3D and...

    Interesting. Do you have a link to scans of the whole comic? EDIT: Nevermind, found it http://www.khmaniacs.com/wiki/index.php?title=El_cetro_y_el_reino