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  • Tools can range anywhere from conventional and convieniant. By this, basically a lamp, hammer (small), wire/string, akabishi spikes(wouldn't recommend if you can't see) tape(duck/electric), etc.

    That also works, i think if an object is left on the floor its fair game to the opponent, which keeps the sense or realism in tact much like in movies where two guys fumble on the floor fighting for a gun.
    Inside of a box, parameter being 15yd by 15yd.

    Inside this box there is no illumination whatsoever. The surface is rough, it feels like sandpaper which will make movement odd and peculiar.
    Characters are normal, restricted to armaments within mortality. They're allowed (non-electric)tools such as a lamp if they choose to see whats in front of them. Neither character will have shoes (i'm cruel here, mwuhahahaha) and are forced to move on the rough surface. Lastly the objective is to incapacitate the other by any extensive means. The only weapons and tools available are the ones the characters are written with.

    Hows that cyber? :eek:
    Let's do it. I can imagine that the inception/extraction team would be able to bring in a theoretically infinite amount of agents, so we'd certainly have enough to fight on two levels. We'd need to introduce a few more characters, but that's fine by me. I must admit, I haven't seen an awesome 'concept' battle for ages.
    Mmm, I'm not entirely sure about the overall necessity of an architect for all alterations, since I made up the role of the reconnoiters, who would need to have some minor architect powers to get themselves back into the main area of the dream - such as Danega being able to forge a stairwell or elevator up from his current underground surveillance room. I'll think on it more, it's a tricky subject, no doubt.
    Having watched Inception once more, I've realised that people are able to enter dreams even as they take place, provided it's not directly witnessed by the dreamer.

    I wonder if our Inception battle allows for spy satellites...
    Mmk just doing my part as cluck cluck mother hen about my combatants.

    8P Because I do get SPRSRSZOMG sometimes.
    Hey bro is RUMBLE the postie word or noes because Edgar is inquiring of it and I is also curiouso of it.

    Thankies Mr. Gordon-Levitt

    Sorry if this will be bothering you, but would you be so kind as to be my mentor in creating Good Heroes???
    Actually, looking over recent adjustments and droppings-out, you may have the good fortune of an extension. Possibly a significant one. LongLiveLife and Grace Falls have still yet to commence their battle together (mind you, it was organised just today), and to give them a fair shot, I'd have to grant them till the end of March/early April to complete their battle. May as well extend Round 2 while I'm at it, perhaps?
    I'm afraid that - because your battle started and commenced with relatively little delay compared to others - I won't be able to grant you any extensions, but I'll keep your battle thread open if you strike the would-be gold of an internet connection before the Round 2 'early battles' finish.
    Soon as you're able, continuing your battle with Tenyas (and the one with me, ideally) would be much appreciated.
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