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  • Been pretty fair, and working a lot, but the downside to that is that it feels like I get less and less work because all the hour cuts. I got a second job because I didn't really make headway with the little hours I got at my first, now the second is becoming a nightmare, and I have ridiculous amounts of free time.

    lol best part is, I kinda dove back into my creative roots and began writing and drawing again. Not sure you've seen some of my massively old threads, you're a three year vet and all Cyber/CoF lol.
    I'll be up anyway (I'm on a Newspaper) but 40% is better than 0%!

    I'm going to bed by at least one.

    You keep on dashing my hopes Chariot (but I nominated you for best writer)
    British accents make villains ten times more cunning, smart, and intimidating, don't you know
    Course I will.

    And when did Arthur get the head ripping power.

    Oh,yes, and Poor Adam Monroe. He was a pain, but I always like independent British characters.
    True. (don't worry, I'll stop bugging you.)

    I was kind of paying attention, but I want the shooter power to reappear now! And I don't want another Mr. 'Izaak' to die. I LIKE them. I hope Hiro can get out of his jam though...

    and for the Eclipse thing, I thought it was stated they always had those powers and they just didn't really manifest. Like how Clair cut her hand in the 6 months ago episode and stuff.
    So far, you are doing a GREAT job. ^_^ Thank you. This fan fic is one of the ones I've been looking forward to so much.

    Sorry, that's alot of pressure. Just relax.
    I know... and I will wait.

    Sorry, I like to speculate. I like Heroes. I like to see my characters take a life of their own. It's a trifecta for me!
    Well, she IS the only winged character in there, and Tse only Navajo character created (by the submitters) who would be old enough to talk to the media.

    But I'm worried for Alleta! Why is she falling! (Course, I do like it that she seems to be important. ;) ) and It's been bugging me what happened to Tse that the media is trying to talk to him? An earthquake or something? But it wouldn't be as sinister as they make it...

    Oh, BTW, if you press View Conversation, It'll just show the whole Conversation and it'll be easier to talk. Your message will be automatically posted on my page and I can get back to you easier.
    I was the first to read it last time, I think, ( I was lurking) so I wanted a repeat performance (DON'T tip me off though, okay?)

    Oh, I forgot to say, I liked the Alleta and Tse nods. At least, I'm pretty sure they're Alleta and Tse.
    okay. Sorry to bother.

    You kept me up late last night, though, waiting to see if you would come on.
    Haha, sorry, I log on to check to see whats going on, and often leave the page up. I might have the post up by tonight, but I had an emergency (meaning I didn't know I had it) art project come up, and I had to finish that first. Its done now though, so I might get it up by tonight. We'll just have to see :)
    You're a tease Chariot. You just log on and torment those KHI stalking you for update.... did I just say that?

    Of course, you're probably going to post this log on, but still!
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