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  • It's taking some time because I don't want to leave any unneccesary detail that the judges can use against me
    Indeed, I just had to get a few things done. I will post between today or tomorrow. Same thread, correct?
    Geez, I should have expected this from you man'g.

    Anywho, do i still need to send my template to genechaos too?? It seems he isn't going to be battling, but is he still going to judge??
    We'll continue it in the same thread, might also rename it since it'd no longer be a part of the tournament.
    I wonder if either of us have the time to keep on posting.

    And damn, I was hoping the pale man would attack that subonscious figure, because then it would end up as dreamer vs subonscious, in which the latter would likely tear the former apart, but you basically turned that possibility on its head.
    Ooh, good job, man. This is easily becoming my favourite battle, and unlike my former favourite fight with Morph, you should be here to see it through :)
    I know posting is difficult, but on top of choosing whether to continue our battle (given we've only a day left), could you please try to get in one post for Shades of Blue? We're just waiting on you and Prod to tie up the events of the first day.
    If only you'd been able to post sooner in our battle. I hope - if you'd like - that we don't 'finish' the battle by the 15th, but have Sunny declare a victor, but we continue it afterwards. Some interesting things are afoot, and I hope to see them extended further than just two days from now.
    Personally, I'm loving the thought processes that aren't even written in the battle. Which one is our true character? Who are projections, who are other dreamers entirely? Is there a setup like in Inception, with a dreamer and an architect?
    Actually, that's a fascinating idea, though perhaps not one to be implemented in this battle: If the projections do not attack the architect, what happens when the architect and dreamer fight?
    I might say the same to you.

    I don't know what you intend for the formerly-captured man, though, he seems as good as dead. But we shall see.
    Ohohoho you bastard. I thought your character was one the one walking away from the neosamurai.
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