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  • Haha welcome back, man! To be honest though, I've been pretty much gone myself up until a few weeks ago. I've been trying to get back into RPing, but there haven't been many going that interest me, ya know?
    NOOOOOOO i got back on to say hello and your gone and then I was going to read your story and its gone NOOOOOOOOOOO
    I'm good, working on some roleplays as well as my own projects, so it's all good.
    Alright if you want to get rid of Marcus then write it up on the OOC so the other guys will know.
    Thanks for understanding XD

    Uhh, but that song made me crave NMH's!
    I was going to buy the sequel (I have beaten the first one like 50 times by now), but my Wii broke :_,(
    Ooh I'm really sorry, I haven't used the album feature in years.

    The "Damn Good Graffiti" was made when I joined the forum 2 years ago.

    Everything that is mine is directly uploaded from image shack or photobucket.

    And again, I'm terribly sorry.
    well your plot stats that the mutation only reachs a city however throught the story on your first try it forced its self to sound like it was everywhere.

    So either you find some way to explain why its contained in one town or state or have it a world wide out break which would meake more sense.

    Then the actual bad guy ideal you can use Talens evil plot if you want though other rpers may come up witht there own during that plot which will strengthen the rp.
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