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  • The weather had been acting strangely last month and prior. It was really hot, humid, and generally unpleasant. Compound that with the fact that cars and motorcycles are everywhere, and you've got a recipe for a hell of a walk outside! Sometimes I do wish I lived in rural areas just because of the less amount of pollution alone...

    Yup, of course I know KL and JB! I've been to those places. When I was still studying in Singapore, I had many Malaysian friends from those cities, too. Besides, JB is the city that welcomes you to Malaysia when you take a bus ride from Singapore via the causeway, which my friends and I used to do sometimes.

    Don't even mention math! XD Back when I was in middle school, I got sub-par grades for math for two trimesters straight. I used to hate that subject... and I think I still haven't fully made amends with it yet. Thanks to my high school math teachers, though, I slowly got back to my feet, but then I had to face pure calculus in the university. Luckily it was just for two semesters, though. And while I know what Hubungan Etnik means, I can only guess what is taught in that module (and that it's a sociological subject), because I didn't take such a specific module at school. XD
    Wow, that really sucks. How long had it not been raining? It's really in stark contrast to where I am, where it rains at least once a day. I guess you'd better stock up on as many bottles of drinking water as possible. The prices might go up, but I'd rather pay more than having to endure water crisis. If you live in an urban area, let alone cities like KL or JB, access to bottled water (or even large gallons for dispenser) shouldn't be too hard. Better safe than sorry, no?

    Aw, come now. Everyone knows students has to go through exams. At least you've got good spirit! How long is the exam period?
    Hey! I'm doing fine, thanks. Aside from bringing home work, that is, and it's still sitting in the corner of my room. -_-

    Ah, yeah, I've seen that post! I'm in the process of reading it right now and once I'm done, I'll post something in response. For now, I'll just leave a comment to help others contextualise the concept; don't worry, it's not something that's too hard to answer.

    How has your day been going so far? Enjoying your Saturday? :D
    Alright then. Once you've posted your concept, I'll go and have a look at it. Have a good day, now!
    Oh, that's too bad... was there no one to help you? Doing everything by yourself could be quite taxing, so I think, if you did everything all by yourself, I understand how you must have felt. But is this Game Maker something like what I know as RPG Maker? It's from many, many years ago, though, like probably ten... it's quite old.

    You draw? Then you should try posting some of them in the Traditional Media section of the CM forum. I myself would be more than interested to have a look at your works of art!
    Well, I used to play around with Game Maker several years ago. I wanted to create a new Mega Man Battle Network title, and I even downloaded the sprites and started making some animations. But the battle was to hard to create and there were no tutorials for that, so I ended up giving up...

    Thanks, Sign has already suggested posting it to the Creation Media. But like I told you before, I think that place is just for arts and songs, so I asked her about this. I'm waiting for her reply now.

    Well I sometimes think that way about my creations. The difference is that I've never created an avatar. If I make one, it should be a lot lousier than what I usually draw xD
    Yeah, I wish there were dedicated sections for fangames. Who knows, people who share common interests can work together and create a game they could call their own. I myself am interested in making a game, but I only know a bit of programming, can't design characters, or animate; the only thing I can do is come up with the plot since I used to write stories.

    Oh well, I'll try bringing it up to the higher-ups sometimes and see how they would respond.

    Haha, yeah, of course they aren't as good as those made by people who are experts in that field. I did it just for fun, and I think they aren't great at all (the more I look at them, the more fault I can find XD)... but I thought, ah, why not. It's not a contest anyway so there's no pressure. Well... actually, even if it were a contest, I would still think that way and enter nonetheless. XD
    Well, if it's not in CM or RP, then I know nowhere else of where you could share your ideas... it's definitely not in Video Games, though, since it doesn't seem to be a category for fangames. Sorry about that! But you can identify moderators or staff members by their username colour tags; moderators have pink tag, super moderators purple, staff members cyan (don't mistake this with legendary members who have lighter cyan tag), and administrators dark blue. You can see a list of site leaders here. For comparison, I have a silver tag.

    Speaking of Creative Media, I submitted some avatar to be featured in the main site. You can take a look at them here, and you can even pick any to use if it interests you. Shameless promotion much? Sorry! XD
    Heya, Quintus! Good evening. How have you been?

    Hmm, I see. So it's more like a game concept, then? I'm not very sure where you could post it, but my first thought goes to the Roleplay section. Otherwise, Creative Media. I'm sorry that I can't help you much on this, because I myself have no idea what it's classified under. XD

    If you're in doubt, you can also ask one of the moderators of the site. Since Sign is currently online, you can ask her about it and I bet you, she'll help you by providing the best answer. :)
    Thanks for understanding my situation. I'd be in a hot soup if I don't comply with the policy. XD And about driving, well... I'm going to have to ask you to shift the blame to other drivers! It's because of them that I was discouraged to (re)pick up my driving skills! D:

    I think the risk that people might not be able to buy Mega-Potions within the short timeframe is actually non-existent, so it's nothing to worry about. Since these players would want to make the most use of the brief period, they surely would buy things out of GUT to ensure that they won't run out of them during the GUT itself because that would reduce their productivity. As for why 30 minutes, I'm not actually very sure myself, but what I'm sure about is that they must have consulted or come up with a business model, and it had demonstrated that with the way the players currently behave, this decision would bring about the greatest profit. That's just my guess, though.

    By the way, I think I will be going to bed soon. It's been a fun conversation today. Don't hesitate to drop me a VM if you want to talk about something, chat casually, or just say hi, because I'd be glad to talk with you again! We're only one hour apart so time difference is practically not an issue for us. :)
    I wish I could tell you that, but I have to keep my shut because of confidentiality clause. I'm sorry about that. :(

    Ugh, you sure know how to stab my feeling with your words! XD Yeah, I know we must know how to drive, but... the traffic condition here in my city is just, ugh. It's frustrating to the bone even to the passengers, let alone the drivers! It's not really the best place to drive, I'm telling you... everyone thinks that they're the king of the streets it's nauseating. -_-"

    That they altered the GUT periods? I don't think it's because the previous setting was too easy for us. I think it's how they bring in more money. You see, in GUT, many paying players will go all-out with their Mega-Potions to get as much Guilt as possible. I imagine that even in half an hour, the number of Mega-Potions spent, put together, is incredible; after that, these players will need to buy more with real money to restock. Now with only 30 minutes on the clock, the sense of urgency to do as much as possible within the time limit is heightened, potentially prompting them to spend even more Mega-Potions... and eventually that would give the developers some sweet, sweet money. Business tactics it is... XD
    Yep, I'm home. I've been since around 45 minutes ago, actually, since the traffic wasn't all that bad. A teacher, eh? ... hmm, you could say so, I think, though I will be assigning them some projects as well. A tutor, I guess. But the funny thing is that I myself am new to this field, and I really have to do my own homework so as not to appear less knowledgeable than the interning students. After all, they will turn to me for guidance! XD

    And no, I don't drive... it's actually been, I don't know, around eight years, I guess... since I last drove myself. I kind of embarrassed to say that I have forgotten how to. :p

    Edit: By the way, here's the information on GUT hours, taken straight from the update log. It only says from 21 April, so I'm guessing that it's a permanent change.

    And the third period is like right now! Go kill some eggs! XD
    If you said head, that gave off the impression that I was a department head or something, haha. It's not that powerful a position; just a team leader, that's all. I'm not even a team leader yet because the students won't be coming until June... but that's okay, it gives me ample time to prepare for knowledge transfer when they finally do come.

    And I seem relaxed? Probably because my work is practically done and I'm currently waiting for my ride? XD

    PS. I posted on my own profile. -_-
    A college student on a university course? You can't be students of both and can only have one or the other; make up your mind! XD Nah, just joking. Many colleges / universities offer joint courses like that, and I think they are collectively a good opportunity to be in an internationally recognised programme.

    A head? I think I wouldn't call myself as such; that would be too prestigious a title for me, haha. A project lead would probably be more fitting to the role I'm currently holding.
    Oh, so you feel that way? I see... I might not because I went to an all-boys high school, so I couldn't have had my crush sitting next to me unless the person in question was a boy. XD What do you study as your major, if you don't mind me asking?

    And... well, actually, yeah, I'm at work now. XD Nothing to worry about, though; I've just finished what I had to do and right now I'm just reading a letter from a university student that will be interning as my attach? next month. It's making me all drowsy and snoozy, haha...
    Oh, you're from Malaysia? We're neighbours, then, haha. Well, not really since there's Singapore on the way, but I've got an address in Singapore as well so we're still neighbours. :p Isn't Malaysia one hour behind Japan, though?

    You're a student then, huh? I'd say you're in either college or university, am I right? I remember that the times when I was still studying in the university life were the most wonderful time of my life. If only I were your age again!

    Aw, isn't that adorable. One thing that I love about dogs is that they are very loyal and they are always so eager to please. The same can't be said to cats. XD
    Let me check and confirm it for you later when I've got the time, okay? I remember seeing it somewhere but I don't have the link with me.

    I could get back home by around 6pm my time (which is 2 hours behind Japan time), but that's if the traffic plays nice. If it isn't, which is almost all the time, I wouldn't arrive until minutes before 7pm and that's when GUT starts. The LUT lasts until 10pm, and I don't want to take a shower that late (it's cold! And I don't have a water heater! XD) and my dog is just about ready to sleep, so yeah...

    His name is Vader, by the way, taken from Darth Vader of the Star Wars fame. You could probably guess the colour of his coat with this information, haha.
    Our team is really quick on the uptake of updates, haha. A number of us can read Japanese, too, as well as there is a Japanese player who speaks English well in the team. Those updates are usually posted on the announcement board at the main page of Chi, under the information (お知らせ) or events (イベント) tabs.

    It's good news, because previously, I couldn't be there for the GUT periods because I wouldn't have arrived back home by the time the second GUT ended (such is the drawback of being a working professional and an online gamer). It's also bad news because with the current schedule, the third GUT (assuming it really is at 9pm JST) falls just an hour before LUT, and that's usually the time I get back home. Since LUT is important, I could only take around half an hour's worth of rest (after GUT, before LUT) to shower and play with my dog, haha...

    Of course, I can always opt not to attend the third GUT, which doesn't hurt as much as missing the first fifteen minutes of LUT. Once I have taken care of my Guilt list, it should be easier and more relaxed for me.
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