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  • I kind of fear that the change will be permanent. It's both good and bad news for me... u_u
    I think (think being the key word) the new GUT periods are at 11am, 6pm, and 9pm, all in JST (GMT+7). I'm going by memory, though, so you might want to double-check with the folks at the forums.

    And they are only half an hour long now. :(
    Ah, from there? I see... but you know, you can use practically every single avatar from there, even if it exceeds your current avatar size limit! Just pick any one that you like and resize it with Photoshop (or even Paint) to 100x100. XD

    As for signature, I think I'm good with my current one. It's all text, and small text at that... but I like to keep it simple, hehe.
    Completely agree with you, yup. And even if it was just a game, we're still in a team, so why not maintain healthy interactions with them, right? And please don't mention it. If you need help in anything, just ask away, be it in the forums or via VM. I'll be glad to help as long as it still falls within my capability. :)

    On another note, I like your avatar. Where did you get that from?
    Precisely, right? Gaining a lot of Lux in a short time is awesome, especially in the early periods of the week. You reap 'em Mog Medals quickly, which is always great. Even quicker is if you can go online and attack the subspecies during the daily 2-hour Lux up period.

    It's good that you've found yourself a good team! If possible, stay with the team as long as possible and show your support by helping them as much as you can during the LUTs. You gain what you need, and they will love you back for that! :)
    Whatever it is called, it's a Leopard for sure xD.

    I understand what you said. Back then I was looking for a team, and when I saw one that had 29/30 members, I immediately threw myself in. The next week, I got to play with them. The result of their teamwork first blew my mind, because I couldn't even join the boss fight in time. Compared to the random teams before, I got kicked to #18-20 in just a second. But when I got the chance to fight, the LUX I gained was also amazing! Within minutes, the prizes were rolling in and I couldn't sleep at that night! My growth rate suddenly improved so much thanks to them, and they are also friendly and kind members, especially the leader, she invited me to join their community in the Bridge. I just hope that one day, I'll become as strong as the veteran members of my team :)
    It's written Leopardos, but I'm used to referring it to as Leopardus (just like how it says Vulpeus but people keep saying Vulpes). Old habits die hard. XD

    Well, I'm glad that you're already in a team that you have settled in nicely. I understand that right now you might be struggling to dish out damage and take hits (everybody went through that phase), but don't worry! With a team that's as strong as #21, you're going to breeze through the phase. It's just like when I was at that stage; I was weak and all, so I relied on my teammates to nab the good rewards from subspecies missions... but now, I'm constantly at the first page of the member list. Teamwork truly is amazing. :)
    Yup, that's how you reply to a VM. Great job~ the first time I did that, not really knowing what to do, I wrote on my own profile.

    Ah, so you're with Leopardus, I see... well, yes, I did want to invite you to my party, haha. You see, there's a vacant spot in my party right now and I'm currently looking for players to fill in the gap. I figured that if you joined us, we could help you get some pretty neat rewards from the upcoming subspecies missions. Sadly, I'm in Vulpeus, so we can't be in the same team. Sorry about that. :(
    Hey there, Quintus! I just want to ask you a few quick questions here. In Chi, what union are you in, and are you currently in a party?
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