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  • Yeah, I agree... after all, Facebook's messenger app is web-based, so you don't have to launch any app that takes up some resource. But if you'd like, you can add my Skype account. The name's "absoluxis", without quotation marks.

    See, MSN holds all kinds of memories. If I could take a look at my chat logs back then, I would be going down the memory lane, haha. It was a really exciting experience trading addresses with new friends when I enrolled in the university, and then we would make a group to discuss just about everything under the sun starting from studies, daily life, to... ahem, more "interesting" stuff, if you know what I mean. :p

    I didn't know if it was automatically integrated into Skype, though. I haven't tried logging in to Skype with my MSN account. Then again my contact list would be brimming with what are now ghost accounts and probably bots, as none of my friends ever even touched their MSN accounts since then. It would be pretty scary, just like going through a graveyard. XD
    Ah, I see. Yeah, I meant text messaging as I almost never use the voice or video chat function at all, but you don't have to trouble yourself to reinstall it on your computer, haha.

    I'm among those people who prefer text IM, actually. I'm not sure if you've heard this, but there was once a software called MSN Messenger. It was the thing back in its time and everybody at my high school had an account there, and I would continue using it until the final year in the university (hence my preference to text IM). The software was officially discontinued last year, possibly because of Microsoft's acquirement of Skype as well as the emergence of Facebook Messenger.
    Yeah, it's a waste alright. Even with a level 12 radar and a booster activated you can only get around 30-ish blocks from L22, so it's better to save the boosters on "richer" enemies.

    By the way, do you happen to have a Skype account? I figure it would be easier to talk via Skype if you do. Of course, you don't have to tell me if you're not comfortable, I understand. :)
    I'm following the route recently recommended by Kazr, which you can find here: http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-chi/177760-kingdom-hearts-x-chi-walkthrough-help-353.html#post6191087

    However, for the L22 ones, I find it more efficient if you just kill everything in your way if they haven't been maxed out yet instead of focusing on one colour at one time. Even if you max it out, it doesn't make much difference in Guilt bonus anyway, especially if you already have the L222 and L333 maxed out.
    I too have more boosters that I would possibly like to hold, but then again… I don't have enough Ethers to support their use. It's good though that the new Guilt Heartless are all the gummi Heartless, so I can just use some boosters while hunting for Guilt. :)
    Yeah, I won't buy it if it's not something that I'm going to HP and use. I don't find it difficult to let go of cards, even those with illustrations that I like, if they have no more use, haha... otherwise I would still be keeping those Roxas cards in my inventory.

    Isn't that annoying, getting kicked back into the lobby when all you want to do is just hit the boss? I feel the best time of using boosters is during the first half of the 7pm JST LUT. The connection is better during that time.
    I'm actually still clinging onto the hope that there will be a Key Art card introduced on Thursday. It was like that the last time with the Easter event; that speed Key Art was introduced pretty late into the game. If this one isn't speed, though... I can rest assured and happily spend the gummi blocks I have gathered on other things.
    That's good to hear! I myself have been collecting gummi blocks, but... it seems I'm doing it without reason, at least for now. I still don't know what to get from the shop, and I don't want to purchase something that I might regret later.

    Currently I have 160k blocks that I'm still saving for I-don't-know-what other than Mickey SR+. Isn't that strange, considering that I should have felt a desire to buy lots of stuff with that many blocks? I think I'll buy the AP Pluses, Card Limit Pluses, Raise Tickets, and Kupo Fruits for now, and then wait until the 31st to see what else they are going to add into the shop. My concern is that with how much easier it is now to collect gummi blocks, the newly introduced items will be ridiculously expensive...
    Nah, he won't. Dogs are smart. Just don't let him associate your coming with food, that would be the same as spoiling him, haha.

    How's your gummi hunting going? And how's Chi in general? You seem to be progressing really quickly since the last time we talked about the game!
    She did, yeah. That was very funny indeed. In my mind I said, "Serves you right." :p

    That's exactly how my Vader behaves as well! He knows how to sit and will respond to the word, but only if he knows I will give him a treat or something that he can nibble on. Also, the funniest thing is that if I have some food in my hand and he sees it, he will follow me around not just by walking or running, but galloping. Yeah, like a horse...
    Haha, that reminds me. I was once out walking my dog (and yes, his name is Vader. Guess your memory isn't as short-term as you thought it was!) and then someone remarked, "Why walk a cat?" I don't blame her as he did look like a tiny black cat, but it seems that the remark didn't sit well with him and he just barked at that person. She ran away. XD
    Sounds like a toy dog breed from what you tell me. Let me guess... either a chihuahua (which I own!) or pomeranian? Those breeds won't get any bigger than a 30 cm ruler. And what's its name? Somehow I'm expecting a cute name, I don't know why, haha.

    Yeah, it's been a lazy and sleepy day thanks to the weather. Speaking of which, see, not long ago it rained and cooled down, but now it's getting hot again. I guess it's better than either no rain at all or too much rain.
    See, he knows. Just like us, dogs may bear grudges, so you have to make amends with him by offering him what he wants, haha...

    It's been a lazy day here, and it'll be a really lazy week starting from Monday. I suppose I could do something to fill the holiday period, but I still can't think of anything. I'm the kind of person who doesn't mind staying at home, haha.
    You sure it's because of the hot weather? Perhaps it's just you having not been treating him nicely lately. :p
    Yup, focus on what's on hand. But be warned, we'll never know! I studied biomedical engineering and ended up being a teacher. XD

    The weather here is... well, the afternoons could be really hot but then in the evening it could suddenly pour down like no tomorrow. It's really unpredictable. Right now it's pretty hot and humid, but who knows until how long it's going to last considering dark clouds are already hanging...
    I would have thought it was only 8 students, haha. To be shortlisted among the 8 who got called in would be awesome. But still, it doesn't matter! You were accepted and it's even greater. :D

    Ah yes, I believe you've mentioned it before... like over a month ago, haha. So once you graduate, you'll be a proud receiver of the BA (Bachelor of Arts) title, right? I think that's what accounting, finance, and administration all fall under, but not economics since it has its own title.
    I mean, of course I will, right? If you get married and have kids without having any plan, how are you going to take care of them? It's okay, there are so many friends of mine who are currently still single, so I'm obviously not alone. Who knows you would, too? :p

    That's some great news! I'm so glad to hear that! I still remember the euphoria when my scholarship application was approved. :) But remind me again where you are going to study, and what will you be majoring in?
    Ehh... you sound like my relatives during family gatherings, haha. I'll do it when I think I'm ready to do it. Just not now.

    Bear in mind that I do want to have a child and I do​ like girls, haha.
    This job is permanent, and I hope to be here for a long time! Not only I enjoy what I'm doing (so far, and I hope it lasts), the work environment (colleagues, employee welfare, etc.) is good as well. If I had a child I probably would have enrolled him / her here. :p
    Not sometimes, I agree, especially when they're bratty little blobs of mischief who just can't be told to sit still (in which case I have to tell, not ask, them to stand at the end of the classroom). But in general, they're amazing, and so far I enjoy working with them.

    To make sure that they understand me, I will of course have to break down my explanation into simpler terms and analogy. For example, to help them understand the concept of (it drags its kind as it moves), I tell them that when air moves, it brings along its friends from around it and they will move together. However, it can be really hard sometimes!
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