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  • hi there
    ne, i've been wondering
    the drawing in your avi and in your signature.. U drew them?
    NONE. Because we don't want anyone to get a damn un-fair advantage.
    bikes are used for dueling bro which i don't like so that's why it's gonna take place between 5D and GX

    And maybe no canon characters
    uhm weapon recomendation......uhm a red weapon with black spike and a bone for handle grip....i forgot name
    hmm good point, theres nothing u can do to avoid getting eaten by the tentaclaws but stay in the air for as long as you can but, fire works well on them so if u can manage a regular fire spell, as much as u can ( dont be afraid to use the panel multiplier ) and then u can make as much damage as possible on the leechgrave, DONT USE UP YOUR LIMIT a good idea is to wait for the leechgrave to get knocked down.....but if u tink itll help use limit recharge panels, synthesisable in moogle shop, i really hope this helps, dont be afraid to ask me any more questions.
    I have no clue xD. I guess it's cause we talk in the GLBT thread a lot? I dunno lol
    Nothing's happened for me, so I guess we're both probably in the clear. Oops... I jinxed it...
    I noticed. *Laughs*

    Well, are you having any problems with the site? Some people are complaining about viruses.
    hey dude if u need help with leechgrave simply attack the tenticlaws and when its down, make sure u have a weapon with goood finishers, attack it its was hard for me too but its all good now =]
    Here's what I did for the coffin monster/Leechgrave. All I did was just unequip all my attack magic stuff (I kept a bunch of Cura's and Cure's at level 5), be at level 41 and have Auto Dodge Roll, Auto Block and then a Keygear that had a lot of combos and good strength. And then he was really easy.
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