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  • Yeah, similar reason as to why I abandoned my old account.

    Which was more because I was being a twat back then, and didn't have any significant number of posts.
    Just out of curiosity, why do you not revert back to your Lord of Chaos account?
    How's this??
    If anything, make a request from me or somebody else at the shop. I could have made you something better than what I did.
    Take it back, it'll be up later; got religious stuff to prepare for with Good Friday and all
    Still available? I intend to start your part in Prophecy for Humanity when you are ready
    You will be notified soon, esp. if AD does not post up a template soon. You'll be using your shaman-esque character, Nurio, I assume? (I apologize if the name is misspelled)
    So sorry, I honestly just saw your post in our battle. Just a question; is the dialogue in italics meant for Sorcerix to hear? Shall I respond them in kind? I'm thinking we're exploring some interesting philosophy of the KH universe
    Sorry, I've been insanely busy. College Apps, 3rd Dan testing, regular school. I had a post, which got deleted by the forums. I'll try to have one up by the weekend.
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