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  • Well, if we're gonna get technical, it's ACTUALLY "ah-hyuck." As coined by Disney :3

    I tried using Magnega, myself. That never really felt like it helped XD But Reflect just looks and sounds so cool, not to mention it's a complete sphere of protection!
    I just prefer Blizzaga and Curaga. They're pretty, too!

    Marluxia was a giant robot. And lame. He was that, too.
    I found him extremely easy. Both Zexion and GBA Marluxia were in a different league from him!
    Well, 3D and KH2 are high up on mine. First and second, of course. But they're the 2 games that most people DON'T like. If you've been on this site long enough, you'll know. And KH2 was pie on Proud! I even beat Sephiroth in that mode.
    Ansem was a train to me! DEMON TRAIN. In the sky. Ugh.
    It wouldn't have roots in Final Fantasy if I couldn't do aerial combos all day!

    Oh yes, KH2 takes all the hits. The game is easy, repetitive, had cringe-inducing moments, and just gets torn to pieces by critics.
    The boat issue is a real thing!? I thought I imagined it. At least Ansem had the decency to become a train XD
    Well, I can't say they'll bring back Flomotion. I mean, they were in a dream world, so reality could be easily twisted there. I'd like to see it again, but it wouldn't make much sense. Unless they MADE it make sense. Not a stretch.

    Nope! Not British! Just a very vocabulistically-inclined American~
    I also often call people 'tarts' and 'wenches.' Why did old grammar have to die? It's still fun to use!
    You're welcome~

    The policy is that user with less than ten posts can't upload pictures of any sort but you should be good now.
    I approved your post so it can be seen now. Since it's unnecessary now and there's no double posting allowed I deleted your other post asking about it. I think the forums don't let pictures through from new users to filter out the bots but spoiler tagging them might help. :)
    Nono, youre entitled to your opinion! Most people call out little things like: aww Hayley's voice acting was bad, Dream Eaters are stupid, I hate the Drop Gauge, yatta yatta yatta. But disliking the direction that the story changed to? Thatd a legitimate thing. I love 3D because as Sora near the end I really DID feel a sense of danger. I was having a great time playing and the mechanics were fun to me; but when it hit the fan I was taken aback. I enjoy the twist on Organization XIII and their true goal, but I DESPISE recompletion. Why does ANYONE hafta come back? I guess I understand Braig and Isa because of Xehanort's influence...but not anybody else. It really does take the edge off being a Nobody. I didnt approve of that. Cant like everything, I suppose!

    Never! This place is full of fanatics.

    And the game everyone bashes most is KH2! (and CoM...) "Its too easy *whine whine*" SUCK IT! IT WAS FRIGGIN FUN, YOU TWATS!
    Haha, I just downloaded a free app and taught myself how to make avatars and signatures. Took a while to get used to and im obviously still an amateur, but what the hey?
    And when you post a visitor message, it goes on the person's profile. Mine will be on yours. I JUST started using the chat box after a year, so...YEAH XD Nothing you did wrong.

    Oh? 3D was my favorite to play! What didnt you like?
    Well, KH3 has so much hype...Expectations, man. Its gotta live up to them.

    Haha, normally im a grammar Nazi, so no: it's not a word XD
    Of course~ And you just hafta be diligent! It's much easier to post when the news is coming hard and fast. Around the time 2.5 is released we'll have a little surge, but KH3 is the big cahuna. I can't wait for that one!
    Sure thing! We're the friendliest forum that I've ever been on. And since KH is already a game hybrid, these people have threads for EVERYTHING. Mega Man, Pokemon, Zelda, Nintendo, Big Hero 6...it just takes some exploring. And I see you cropped your avatar! Any better?

    Oh, and kudos for posting on my profile rather than your own! That's more than I can say for myself when I started XD
    And thank you! I try to be ;3
    Of course! Posting is the life of the forum! Bronze is by far the easiest to achieve. Post 1,000 times. Sounds like a lot but if you just post maybe 15 times a day you'll be there in a little over 2 months. I was gone from here from November last year to June this year and I registered last August. I'm still well on my way to silver, which is 3,000. It's a lot harder to get there than for bronze XD

    Check out the graphics shops, too! They do cool things with your avatars for free. I recommend Madman's Revenge, The Royal Shop, or Cause&Effect. They'll make you tags and avatars from a picture of your choosing granted that it's big enough for them to work with. You just follow their templates.
    Avatars are different sizes depending on your rank in the forums. If you want to see it better, you'll have to crop it. Standard Members have 100x100 avatars, Bronze Members like me have 125x125, Silver are 150x150, Gold is 175x175, and Legendary Members like Gram have 200x200. Staff members are even bigger. You can tell by the colors of folks' names.

    Just thought I'd let ya know! ;3
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