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  • *dances* For real.

    It's going to be smooth sailing until TGS. *tries not to think about it*
    Awesome. I got the tag, it's great.

    I'm surprised that this is actually working out. Normally it doesn't. :p
    Cool! :3

    That's a great idea.

    Do you need me to keep posting their basic info, or do you pretty much know it? I'm never sure who exactly is a KH-tard (like me) and just kind of knows that stuff, and who's not. :p

    Just a look ahead--
    I'm doing Larxene's write-up, and I think Spyells is doing Marluxia.
    Oh-my-goodness. That profile thing is soo amazing/cute! Thank you so much for helping out.

    Tomorrow is Roxas, and Takushi Rena is going to write the article this time. So, you can give the tag to her (or me) to add on to the article, or just go in there and add it yourself. :3

    Name: Roxas
    Somebody's Name: Sora
    Title: Key of Destiny
    Rank: XIII
    Power: Light
    Weapon: Keyblade (you can go ahead and put this behind Roxas like you did with Xion, if you want)
    Hey, Raynie. I don't know if you got my PM or not, but here's the general layout for what I want (if possible):

    Hey. I'm doing these short little editorials about each Organization member as a sort of countdown. I was wondering if you/other graphics people at hand could make some profiles for the Organization members. Just their upper bodies, with basic info next to it and pretty graphics in the background.

    Name: (ex, Luxord)
    Somebody's Name: (ex, Unknown)
    Title: (ex, The Gambler of Fate)
    Rank: (ex, X)
    Power: (ex, Time)

    I would need Xion at any point tomorrow, and one member in descending order from 13 for every day after that.

    Sorry for just kind of springing this out there. D:
    I asked some other people to help, too.
    Oh, wow. That's too bad about the credits. this.

    I'm a Junior in high-school. Counting the days until I graduate. :3

    Hooray. So, what grade are you in/are you in college or something?
    It's times like these I'm glad I'm on staff.
    We have glorious yellow names, and not poopoo names.
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