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  • Have you gotten a namechange before? Because for someone that's been around so long, I think it's odd that I don't remember you.
    I usually just sit around, too. But I buy a coffee thing, so they can't kick me out, lol.
    I always end up having a gift-card to somewhere. I love the bookstore. :p
    Hey sorry to bother you Raynie, but I was wondering if you wanted to be featured on tMS?
    It's a website I recently got hired on as an artist and the guy that hired me wanted to get at least 12 people picked out to feature before he officially launches the site.
    I'd suspect you'd be placed somewhere in the field of graphic design/photoshop.
    Just let me know if you're interested by messaging me back and I'll just ask you a couple questions about yourself and your art along with a couple samples of your work.
    If not then I'm sorry to have bothered you :3
    zomg hi D:

    ZOMG THERE'S A SURPRISE ON MY DA JOURNAL. And I suck at getting on MSN recently... xD; Yeahhhh.
    Hello Raynie,

    I have to tell you, you've got one of the BEST SIGNATURES EVER!!!

    It is absolutely amazing and you have a real talent in that department... wow!!!

    Take care and I hope every goes well for you!!!
    Pie with Sho's fayse on it...

    DO WANT.

    :0 I spy a person with a Neku avatar, yessir.

    Sho is like more epic than pie. ;o; Or Pi. /wtf
    Thank you so much. >A<
    Btw you have MSN~? :000 /has one and AIM too
    ;A; YOU DON'T?
    Dang, I was hoping for some.
    /jaykay xD

    Really? xD Yay for randomness then~ And your welcome, i'm looking forward to seeing more of your graphics and even becoming friends, if it's okay with you~ :0

    Neku is hawt, yo. *U* So is Sho, he's like a math legend. /wtf
    Really? ;A; It means so much coming from you.
    And you should play it, i've had it for about 2 weeks or so, and they're amazing games. Remind me of TWEWY a bit. ;D 3 and 4 are the shiz.
    Hey. x]
    Im a random person randomly coming to pm you. :>
    Im late, but congrats on being staff. I've seen some of your work and you're pretty amazing. :] I make graphics too, but im nowhere near as good as you. xDD;;
    I love your avatar, TWEWY and Neku~ *U*
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