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  • Hi Raz! I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help when KH3 released. That was an incredibly difficult time for myself and Arielle so I really want you to know we appreciate you for offering your assistance with looking after the forums during this time.
    Hiee! Of course, no problem. I'm always on here anyways so it made sense to lend a hand. <3
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    Your hand is always appreciated. I honestly can not thank you enough for that tough time and the months that followed after. If God was to tell me you were a guardian angel to me, I'd believe you because holy moly you saved us.
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    I'm happy to hear to it! Btw every time I see your governor radcliffe/pocahontas avi i shit myself :)
    Any ideas on how to expand my party?
    I’m powerful but people don’t know what I can do :)

    I'm not sure I understand the question but here's a .gif of Donald cuddling w/ Sora and they're in a party.
    Are there any areas on here for searching for a party or recruiting for KHUX?
    I’m up to like 100 raid bosses and trying to recruit more to help with my party rank.
    Thanks for the Sora and Donald gif hehe 😉
    Eh, just seems to contrived. They couldn't just go for the different one. Once again at least, people seem to be as upset over her losing a second time. >:D
    I know! I don't get how they could pick Lisa over Allison! Do you believe what Janice said about top model? That Covergirl picks the winner? Or is it all just hot air? :I
    Aww man, I didn't come and complain to you! So, I'm still mad that Tyra didn't pick Allison once again to win the competition. That's very disappointing. ;W;
    Hmm, that would be cool if she did make a longer version. Who knows if there was more, or if that was what they cut and pasted. Hehe, Tyra and that little dude ruined the music videos in my opinion. She just has to be in like everything... xP
    Lol, I actually watched a marathon of it yesterday. She seemed to be consistent the whole time once again. I do wonder what she was thinking when all those girls where being catty and crap... She must have been, what am I doing here! xD
    Oh, I know! He was being kind of a jerk, that model dude judge. He probably wanted to eliminate her... :mad:

    Hehe, this was so amazing. <333 Wow, I'm so dumb! I just got your little title under the username thing. ^^;;;

    Allison Harvard - Underwater - YouTube
    Very much so! It's interesting to see another dude like ANTM. I don't know if you like it or not, or if it's just for Allison. xD To me it lost it's flair after cycle 10 but when everyone started talking about her, welp it made that season awesome. Her eyes, man! <333

    Ah, I totally forgot they show it today! She almost went home? :( I call bs if she's eliminated. No one likes bias... ;_;
    Oh my, I heard she was on this season but I haven't watched it! So that makes me sad. :( If anything I think she should win. I don't know about you, but I think she should have won cycle 12, to be honest. :I

    Her obsessions fascinate me. xD
    Dawww! Allison! I really like your avie and sig.

    She is so amazing! <3 I just had to say. ^^
    aw yay! that'd be great! so you've already started college?! how is it? where did you end up going?
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