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  • Oh, no I didn't think that. I understand you're finishing up with school. Take your time! :3
    Just lettin ya know Matthew-love, I have no work tomorrow. I'm done with school. I'mma sit my booty down and get all my work done tomorrow (might stretch a bit into the 16th too). scouts honor. <3 thank you for being so patient with me. truly.
    Sorry for remaining out of contact, I'll be picking a BBS assignment on Friday when I've got more time to consider it, and between then and now I'll try to have a editorial topic of my own (round-table discussion was actually Shamdeo's idea, I'm pretty sure).
    Matthew love, I think you should get on MSN sometime soon. It's been so long ;3;.
    I think I'll just leave it to you since I barely do anything with it X3;;;;;
    Also, Great Success as far as getting a debate going, in that thread =D Next one'll be the real killer, though X3;
    I have no idea how it got there. It just... appeared after the forum debugging.
    You're the second person who complained about that to me. I have no idea what you guys are seeing or why ;A;
    I love Frabevans <3 I mean if Sam just has to be straight, then yea, Frabevans.
    Oh yeah, sorry it'll be handed in on Thursday night. My computer crashed when I was just done with the assignment, which made me fume and put me off from rewriting the thing >.> So thursday definitely.
    That's odd. I'll go fix them asap.

    Edit: Sorry for the trouble. Everything's fine now.
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