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Reagan Rayden
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  • Hey, did I have someone PM you this?
    You can feel free to keep it. It is not hard for me to get another one. I do not even remember why I gave it that name. I think it was because it was my 500th Pokemon registered on my B/W Pokedex.
    Alright I have an Elekid. I did not know whether you just wanted to borrow it or keep it, but feel free to keep it. I am ready to trade whenever you are ready.
    Just to make a comment on your sig. I think The Merk with a Mouth is going to hell :3
    There's a doctor who subreddit? What am I saying of course there is, I'll check it out, thanks!
    DUDE! Sorry, but I just had to say that's the coolest siggy picture I've ever SEEN! Did you make it yourself? Or did you find it somewhere?
    Well I guess you'll never see me again, I'm going to ask a mod to ban me for good, and IP ban me. I just can't take the fact that you treat me like shit and all. So I'm hope your happy now for good. Enjoy your games.
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