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  • LOL that is indeed a lot of things to be failing at the moment. lol hopefully soon you find that inner peace dealio thingy that all the movies seem to hint at, and it helps you kick butt lol
    I'm doing good jeje, glad to hear your doing good too ^ ^

    well then you are free to ask me anything I don't mind, that way we can start a conversation :p

    or we can talk bout whatever, let me start, what are your hobbies?
    lol, i'm doing great as im on leave right now ^_^

    and lol, what exactly are you failing at? life, the universe, and everything in it? LOL
    Hello, how are you? its a pleasure to meet you, jeje hope we get to talk and know each other better :3
    no prob!!! and awwww.... well, even if you don't have time for rps, be sure to drop by once in awhile so that way they all still know that your still kicking lol

    and btw, good luck with whatever's keeping ya busy!! :p lol
    LOL so i seem to understand lol

    ok then. We shall tackle the magic portion first! Pretty much the magic used in KH is like the magic's used in standard games. Ice, Fire, Wind, Lightning, etc.

    Though in KH it has somewhat considerbly branched out from the basics. I shall list what Spells you can have, and you just pick and choose, k?

    Blizzard, Blizzara, Blizzaga
    Fire, Fira, Firaga
    Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga
    Cure, Cura, Curaga
    Areo, Arera, Areraga (forgive if the spelling looks weird, but this one is hard for me to remember how to spell.. xD)
    Magnet, Magneta, Magnetga
    Reflect, Reflecta, Reflectga

    among others, lol, but i think this for now is a good list to get ya started. any questions about what spell does what, be sure to ask! lol
    XD wow... XD that was quicker than i expected... XD holy cows... XD


    and lets see here... *looks at ur template* lalaladeladelalade..... *hums to self*

    so the only problem u been having is with the magic/abilities? well, that pretty easy, depending on what you want and what sounds cool. lol and also it seems like you still need to make a bio lol
    lol i see how it is and lol, i could sort of tell lol

    LOL and more lols. so any chance i can see this template sometime? and lol, is it for an rp on this site? or back on RPA?

    have u been sneaking into my secert candy stash? o_O for that stuff will make others go slightly insane...
    and lol what tech help do you need? and lol whatever brought on this fail whale in the first place?
    Happy Turkey day! gobble! whoooo! and LOL, ok then, but still, offer remains open if ya want help!! :p
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