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  • yay! be sure to let me know what ur username is when u do join. :p i would like to say 'hi' and all that after all lol :p

    and lol? were u so tired that u misspelled the word? xD
    oh, ok then lol, well, i'm like on most of the time, lol we do have a semi auto chat box thingy on the side that we could use to talk if you do indeed get lost ^_^

    and i don't think that the layout is that confusing... xD but oh wells.. XD just let me know if ya need help or something!
    sweet! good to hear u like the sound of it! but please, do tell what is confluzzing about it... :O
    I was way too busy to get on yesterday and I am going on vacation tomorrow morning so I will not be on for a few days :/
    *shakes hand* Nice to meet you too.
    I really hope this is our first meeting - or else i'd feel bad D:
    I haven't been "active" around her in quite some time....
    i can sure glady give u the link!!

    Role Player's Asylum - Really... What ever happened to Robot Jones?

    hope u like what u see! its rather a small place... but full of interesting people lol
    well, saving the country from evil pine cones is one thing i've been up to in the military lol
    and then i've also been chilling on a different more friendly forum, which is always looking for fresh, active members. :p but u don't have to come join if ya don't want to. :p

    and hmmm... all in all.... been busy keeping up with video games, life in general and other stuff lol

    and wow! sounds like u've been busy as well lol :p
    i've been decent more or less lol

    been busy busy busy saving the country from one evil pine cone at a time lol

    what's haz u been up to lately/this past year?
    and well hello to u too!! holy cows... it haz been a long time... XD

    and can u believe im still around these here parts? xD i had thought i've been banned a long long time ago... in a galaxy far far away... XD lol

    SO HOW HAVE U BEEN!!! WHOOOOO!!!! *gives u sugar*
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