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  • I agree with that for the most part. It's the "perks" of reaching premium that keeps me going. Usually I don't have much to say, but that 1000 post goal kinda forces me to think about what to say and how to better express my opinions on subjects. That's just me though.
    The sad thing is there are people here who joined after me that already hit 1000 posts. ;~;
    I like the snow a little at first, but it gets old fast. I hope the weather continues to get better.
    Gotta enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. Which around here isn't very long. X(
    I watched the new Kid Icarus trailer, decided I'm going to buy that game instead of KH:DDD. I'm going to wait for a price drop, Kid Icarus looks like a great title and I'm going to give it as much support as possible.
    Plus my sister needs to play Bbs still, so not having khddd will make it less tempting to play according to her. You should pick it up, we can have some fun online matches.
    Skyrim, I bought it in November, just started playing it two weeks ago, 90 hours into it...only scratching the surface.
    Now that you mention it, yeah I seen those random black flashes but they're not bothersome. And the only lag I really notice is in the loading rooms but that not really a big deal. BTW I did add you on my 3DS.
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