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  • well I don't have one right now, but I do plan on getting a 3DS Idk bout the Vita though
    NICE!!! high five!!! hahaha you have good taste in game too, unfortunately, I don't have a 360 yet, just a PS3 along with other consoles
    hmmm my favorite genres of games are Action/Adventure, RPGs, Puzzle, and its not really on my favorites list, but I really enjoy FPS

    as for my top three games of all time, I say FFVII, Chrono Trigger, and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    meh, same, just seeing whats up, kinda bored a bit, I'll prob play some games in a bit or watch some anime/movies
    hahahaha yeah I did notice that, its cuz I wasn't sure if I had sent you that message already :p sorry
    hello, how are you? ummm if you unfriened me, its okay I understand and respect your decision, but may I ask as to why??
    lmao, it's so true, and I remember that part of the game, nice job using that line. I have yet to use it irl.
    hey man, I know you probably have no idea who I am (I honestly don't really know who you are, besides your posts in the name change thread), but I had this lying around and thought you may want to use it:


    It's your avatar, but the background is transparent so it should look a bit nicer. Use it if you want; I personally like my avatar's background to be transparent, so I thought I'd help a fellow member out :)
    I don't see the big issue with posting on your profile but okay (i don't like private messaging).

    Yeah contacting Ed is a pain. But if you personally contact Sharjeel or Tony, I'm sure they'd do what they can. They're just as sick of it as we all are.
    To be fair, Edmunds isn't really an "admin", persay. He owns the site, and he should be able to come up with something to solve the problem, but until then, we've been doing our best to delete posts and threads and ban bots.
    Nice raps in the Freestyle thread, hope you become a regular.

    Oh yeah, I'm adding you as a friend, if you do plan on becoming a regular.

    Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukah/Happy Kuanza!
    Well, uh, good, I suppose. Just remember... the folks in charge of this site really like to "have fun", so...


    I don't know what to say at this point, so I'll just... leave you alone, now.
    I don't mean to pry and whatnot, but...

    Well, you're not actually allowed to get a name change, minor or otherwise, until you've reached 1,000 posts. At least, that's my understanding of it, and I've been stalking the thread since it was made. If I were you, and this is just honest advice and totally not a threat, I would forget the whole thread, at least for a while.
    PM is being a bitch so

    Download Media Player Classic, and open up your video of choice into it. Go to the part of the video you want to make into a gif and pause it there. Then, press 1 (not in the keypad, the 1 above the letters) and the window should become video-only, which means the player shows the video only and nothing else. (I recommend creating a new, empty folder to save the frames into) Then open the Snipping Tool and change the snipping option to window snip. Then, with the player in video-only mode, use the Snipping Tool to grab the video. Save the frame into the new folder, and then go back to the video. Click the right arrow key and the video will step to the next frame. Go back to the Snipping Tool, grab that frame, and repeat.
    Dude, you're pushing it, like he said, ask Lil'von, Edge and Chuman what happens when you mess with the mods lol
    here are all my codes for 3DS, Mario Kart 7 and Pokemon Black

    for Pokemon Black its : KK4-YEMT-A279-FCT
    for Mario Kart 7 its : QVL - ZHZS- G8QR-8NA
    for my 3DS its: CW4 -0290- 4425 I think this is it, I don't see any other codes from it.
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