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  • Some is the keyword, haha. I knew that DDD thread I put up last was garbage, but I literally would have forgotten about it if I didn't put it up quick since I found the storytelling so odd haha.

    I've been good! Lately I've been engrossed in my studies, but these last two semesters have been dedicated to learning new instruments. I've been learning flute, bassoon, oboe, clarinet, cello, guitar, recorder, and piano just in the last two semesters. It's been pretty wild, and I'm actually getting good enough at guitar that I'm going to be able to start recording my own songs soon.

    Other than that, I've revitalized my interest in Kingdom Hearts for the time being. The threads that I've posted lately, while some of them have been a little silly, have nevertheless been heartfelt, and I was really proud of the character design thread I created.

    I'm also hoping that I finally get that BbS ReImagining KH story out soon, it's going to be good. The premise is that the MoM exam at the beginning of BbS instead takes place at Olympus Coliseum, and Aqua is responsible for cleaning up after Terra's mess, saving the town, and taking down the Hydra on her side while Terra and Hercules enable each other and cause accidental destruction everywhere. Also found here is Hades, shown to be working with Xehanort under the table, encouraging Terra to act out due to Eraqus' lack of faith in him. Ventus, meanwhile, is supposed to stand idle here,but quickly treats the new world as some sort of vacation for himself and unfortunately gets himself tangled up with Vanitas, who nearly kills him at the exam.
    Well I hope you're happy, cause now I have to friend you! Team Riku! Our boy is the best boy.
    Oh crap, yeah I completely forgot I had to downsize mine a little and also keep the quality. I'm glad you figured it out!
    Lol, so I literally just cropped this XD I didn't really edit anything else. I also have a Mac, I just double click on the image and it should open and you can literally just draw a box around it and go to the edit on the toolbar and hit crop ha. I have GIMP to edit pictures but I haven't used it much recently myself....I took multiple photoshop classes but none have ever like given me a copy of it and I don't think its worth the money for how little I would use it lol.
    Lol thanks! Its just the render Sign cut out ha, so she should get lots of the credit :p I feel like poor Goofy's new form has been getting hate so I want to show off what a good dude he is ha.
    Well, it's alright to be little bitty
    A little hometown or a big old city
    Might as well share, might as well smile
    Life goes on for a little bitty while.
    It's really great, one of the best games I've played in a long time. It's definitely the best looking game I've played, period.
    The staff was terrible. I am a warped and frustrated cretin partly due to the constant bullying and I almost wish I was smart enough to log off all those years back.
    That's what everyone keeps telling me and I can't wait. Just beat 3 last night so I'll be jumping on 4 as soon as I have money for it.
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