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  • theres gonna be a bbs volume 2!? I'm late....

    lol, agreed!!

    it is hard collecting 20 trophies when you're busy with school...
    oh yeah...well, I didn't....

    well I just recoded moments ago, in proud, now I'm working on getting the secret ending
    nah, I won't kill you, but I will tell you that your missing so much fun!!
    anyways, I just finished seeing that kh 3d trailer, it was awsome, I need that game!!! oFTo
    *even more extremely late response XD*

    yeah, now your part of the brace face family :) (lol, when I got my braces, my friends in school told me that I'm part of the brace face family now XD)

    I'm sooo looking foward to recoded >w<
    oh,k, and yes I read the book, man, that part was so sad, he was such a good house elf (is this considered a spoiler?)

    well, once I get them, I'll give you an idea of what you'll soon experience, but be warned, you'll be tempted to eat all of your fav foods when you have bracers on, and if you do, you'll be in for alot of pain, so I suggest you take pain killers

    so, I hear you're a harry potter nerd (lol) is harry potter and the deathly hallows p1 awsome? and where does part 1 end?
    WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!! BBS is already out and vanitas97 is saying that (honestly, I laugh alot when I read what you just said) thas kinda retarded, bbs is already out, and almost everyone knows how he looks like.

    hmm...so you're getting braces right?
    looks like I've risen from the dead, I have finally come back, but then I'll leave somewhere are january, then come back for the summer, etc XD
    Cool! Thank you for the link :) didn't think there would be avatars of Vanitas without the helmet.

    So yeah thank you :)
    WHERE did you get that avatar!! I really like it are there more avatars showing Vanitas?? Cause I really like Vanitas.
    Happy, happy belated birthday.
    I wish I would of logged on sooner.
    How old are you now?
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