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Recent content by redcrown

  1. redcrown

    Official Shipping Discussion | kiss or no kiss?

    Uh... Anyone care to explain what 'lifeboat' means in this context? Imo I don't think Riku having a crush on Kairi was the case in his KH1 motivations towards her. For all his taunting Sora over not working to save her his own attention on Kairi was a bit spotty, with taking breaks to dangle...
  2. redcrown

    How did you get into Kingdom Hearts?

    My friend gave me a copy of KH2 that she didn't want (she said it was too weird lol), around 2007-2008 ish. I had it sitting on a shelf for awhile until I was bored and wanted to try a new game. Started it up and was immediately interested, but since it was a sequel I was confused as hell, but I...
  3. redcrown

    Will the Shibuya/DDD2 game not be on the PS4?

    I just hope minimally it'll be available on the PS4 since I already own it, or on the Switch since that's a console I've already wanted to get for a awhile, which has more games on it I'm interested in to justify a buy. This is all on the assumption that it's actually going to be the game the...
  4. redcrown

    Who Should Get New Outfits In Phase 2?

    Get Namine something that's not a thigh high thin dress, she deserves actual clothes and shoes.
  5. redcrown

    Will the Shibuya/DDD2 game not be on the PS4?

    Since the price and preorders for the PlayStation 5 have been announced, I'm wondering now if the KH game that takes place in Shibuya with Verum Rex, with the likelihood it'll be in the sleeping realm with Sora and Riku, will still be released on the PS4 or even Nintendo Switch by the time it...
  6. redcrown

    Poll: Best Sora design

    Uh...could this be translated into English for me? I go with his KH2 design also. Even though it's slightly plainer with being almost entirely black it looks springier and more athletic in a way. It fit better with his airy breakdance style attacks and movement. The KH3 design has a better...
  7. redcrown

    Do you remember when Akuroku was a thing?

    Is anyone ever going to explain why it was called Akuroku? Most ships have names that make sense, half of each characters names combined. What is Aku and Roku? I was never into it personally since even in KH2 it was obvious Axel was quite a few years older, early to mid twenties. I didn't...
  8. redcrown

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Releases November 13 2020

    I heard KH will be presented at an event later this month, but since we got the final trailer what are they likely to showcase for it? I'm guessing it'll be screenshots, an interview maybe , and some character models. What would we expect from this?
  9. redcrown

    Official Shipping Discussion | kiss or no kiss?

    So....... ......Leon/Cloud anyone? At the very least, I really want them to interact more, even if Cloud never comes back, or if the Radiant Garden crew ever have prominent roles again. Seeing them banter and work together in KH2 was a real treat. I'll never get over how that whole subplot and...
  10. redcrown

    Official Shipping Discussion | kiss or no kiss?

    Riku x anyone not a girl Sora x anyone not Kairi Terra x Aqua x Cinderella Larxene/Elerna x Strelitzia Namine x not having her story overshadowed by a romance
  11. redcrown

    Soriku vs Sokai

    It's about time this was made and contained. I've wanted to make a poll for this on here for awhile now, but was too afraid of it being locked or legit getting a ban for posting what's undoubtedly a heated and divisive subject in a poll form. Since there isn't much going on with the series as...
  12. redcrown

    Are Lea and Isa a canon couple

    So many unfortunate implications in that, but explains so well why Japanese media tends to be the way it is, I understand it now. I was hoping KH would be a bit better and more emotionally honest than that, but I guess not; unless the KH4 Shibuya adventures go for a completely different tone and...
  13. redcrown

    Official Shipping Discussion | kiss or no kiss?

    Are we finally going to get the Soriku/Sokai poll that this forum desperately needs?
  14. redcrown

    Kairi should have been the star of the Kingdom Hearts franchise!

    You could easily argue he only did that to taunt Sora since he suspects he likes her and uses that against him to raise the stakes for their competitive games with each other, rather than out of genuine romantic feelings for Kairi. Most of Riku's behavior in the first game is an extension of...
  15. redcrown

    Kairi should have been the star of the Kingdom Hearts franchise!

    Was this ever really confirmed though? I see this said a lot but it feels like a big assumption by a lot of people simply because it's been done in other works, with KH1 and the rest of the series itself never claiming this was actually the case.