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Recent content by Reflection

  1. Reflection

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Tsum Tsum Plush Set releasing October 27th, 2020

    Ok I saw these on twitter and I love tsum tsums, but I have been wondering since why Kairi is the only one that has a white bottom...
  2. Reflection

    Anime/Manga ► Worst Anime/Manga You've Ever Witnessed?

    No it’s okay I’m just commenting, not trying to reprimand or anything 🙂
  3. Reflection

    Final Fantasy XVI

    It....looks a lot like 15! Which is kinda what I expected... :/ Whatever, as long as they keep churning out pretty anime boys, I will buy these games. Maybe even if they didn’t.
  4. Reflection

    Anime/Manga ► Worst Anime/Manga You've Ever Witnessed?

    The worst thing I’ve ever had to sit through was probably high school of the dead (actually because of someone on this forum like 10 years ago) I’ve also watched some horrible stuff that I actually enjoyed. Like ummm that one with the vampire brothers? Diabolik Lovers lol. That was some...
  5. Reflection

    Is the romantic love real? And if it is, what's so special about it?

    Maybe I’m confused but it sort of seems like you just don’t see any value in the whole romance part. You definitely don’t have to! You can just have close friends in your life and that is fine.
  6. Reflection

    Is the romantic love real? And if it is, what's so special about it?

    Woof, this is a heavy thread isn’t it? I think Veevee responded about domestic abuse really well. When you describe a best friends relationship as two people that commit to working things out and being there for each other, you are describing any successful relationship! Romantic love is not...
  7. Reflection

    Favorite superbosses

    I just watched my partner beat Yiazmat yesterday. :p Seemed like a chump!! Hehe. It helped he was very similar to another optional boss, Hell Wyrm. Seems like the big deal with both of them is how long they take mostly. But Yiazmat also has an instant death attack. My biggest dreams now are...
  8. Reflection

    Official Shipping Discussion | romance or friendship?

    Agree 100 percent about Kairi’s spunkiness getting dulled around Sora and in the later games, even as a SoKai fan. Its painful thinking about her introduction in KH1 vs this acquiescent girl happy to let Sora tell her she’ll get in the way, or get left on the island after KH2. Or left in a...
  9. Reflection

    Final Fantasy IX

    I'm reviving this thread to say that I see and appreciate your wrestling post. Also Scott Steiner WAS champion while FFIX was in development. And it would not be the first pro wrestling reference in Japanese pop culture at all. Legit I was just thinking about this lol
  10. Reflection

    Favorite Kingdom Hearts lines <3

    I was gonna say "Sora, you're lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is over." What a tearjerker. I also love all of Kairi's letters that appear in the opening of KH3. "There's no smile your heart can't reach." When I shut off the light at night sometimes I like to say "Darkness is the heart's...
  11. Reflection

    Myyyyyy Corona

    Yeah, last I heard. They're really strict at the hospital about who they'll let in and I don't know a ton of details. But fingers crossed it'll be okay. Thanks for asking!
  12. Reflection

    Official Shipping Discussion | romance or friendship?

    Haha aww, going into this I wasnt sure if people would know what Roxiri was or if people still used the name and I thought RokuKai would be more clear so thats the only reason I use it.
  13. Reflection

    Official Shipping Discussion | romance or friendship?

    omg for real?! I'm ready! I'm sure it'd be great
  14. Reflection

    Official Shipping Discussion | romance or friendship?

    I totally agree that RokuNami stuff needs to not be treated as SoKai 2.0, I always read fics where they’re just shy versions of Sora and Kairi. Roxas can be pretty sassy! Hehe absolutely! We must recruit more RokuKai fans
  15. Reflection

    Official Shipping Discussion | romance or friendship?

    omg I know which fic you’re talking about and I love it. I need it to update so bad!