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  • I am sorry to hear that well if you ever need a rp to experiment on join Lifes Destruction: Chapter 1 Amnesia. So besides rps what have you been up to.
    hey Reika noko watch cha been up to I have been great I have just created the first rp that Seph2 actually has a good guy character in its madness. So what about you.
    They're pretty fun. Just develope a strong chara and give it a go. It's also great practice for the fights in the other rps.
    You amazed or somethin' that I can rp somethin' like Alex?

    I've noticed ya readin' the fight.
    You mean where I posted to get here? If so, just some random areas that I don't go to often. But there were some topics that I could get into.

    But the best part, the last post was in a rp, where I started.
    She did at one point but she surrendered it all before I was born. I think they were fighting for about nine months.
    It was my aunt. I forget what my mom wanted to name me but she didn't want the name that my grandma picked out, although she said my grandma could name me. But my mom got annoyed with my aunt always sayin' that she wanted me named "Shannon Lane" and finally gave in. She wanted somethin' different because she had a close friend named Shannon Lane Lelaghou who I looked the same as so people were thinkin' I was his son, mostly because of my blond hair and blue eyes.

    Oh! I just remembered what my mom wanted to name me. She wanted to name me "Dustin Lane".
    ..... Please don't call me that. I hate my first name, that's why everyone calls me by my middle name.
    Not really. I just recently learned about him while screwin' around on youtube. But it was awesome to see him.
    You know, you're one of those that make me wonder, "How the hell are the new people gettin' more posts than I am?!"
    Heh, I thought that was kinda funny. Anyways, how's it hangin'?
    I read the manga only too. I started doing it when they showed the fillers. The fillers are boring random and don't show the characters as they are supposed to be so I just went ot manga only.
    Thanks for the rep yo.

    What did you mean in your comment about a screenshot? My sig?
    I'm mostly a spoiler freak so I'm a bit extreme when it comes to that, but the OP was mostly asking in comparisson prior to watching :\
    It's ok, it's not that intuitive <: I fretted about it for a while too at first.
    If something doesn't work, check out the stickies in the announcement threads and what not to see the changes made to the forums. This one for instance is explained there, as well as => [ s ]
    Useful to keep in mind and look at from time to time :)
    yes. you have to say what you're spoiling for, even if you're not really spoiling anything. it needs to have a title.
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