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  • 8D I planned on doing it, but then I saw that open like the DAY I decided to do it. And...Yaoi? o-o; I...don't ship it that way, my love. I ship it in a Father/Son fashion, because I believe that Xigbar DOES look to him as his own son. Other members, even the creator may ship it in a romantic way...but me? No. I've never shipped it that way. When it comes to Xigbar and Roxas, nothing Yaoi comes from that. It's just pure Father/Son love. 8] Oh lawl. It's fine that you thought it was...well. That. But trust me. It's not. At least not in relation to me, or the essay. Father/son all the way. :p

    *glomps* <3 Really? That's cool! If it wasn't for my mother, I probably would have connected to the music and the characters would have. And that's awesome! And I totally agree. They definally get me the most emotional. That and as I said. The relationship between Roxas/Xigbar/Axel. Now that's...tragic. :p But that's just me. ^^;

    AND I KNOW! Xehanort was like "Oh gawd. Not you.". He even ROLLED his eyes at Braig! Twus hilarious! AND YES. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HOW HE WILL OUTDO HIMSELF FOR KHIII. (Wow. Typing that will have to take some getting used to.) AND OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! FANCLUB! O________O I MUST JOIN IT! OH MAN! I HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT AWAY. <33333

    Oh? He drags it out? I must have missed that somewhere. Makes me want to watch his scenes again. And considering that I have them on my computer. I just might have to. 8D; LOLZ. The Aqua of Justice! HOLY CRAP. :p I love that...that's awesome. Yes. I agree with that. Terra and Aqua's took a while to get used to. But now, I really love them both. Terra's still awkward and stuff...but I like it. I thought I'd hate it, and their characters. I fell in love with EVERYONE in the game. Eraqus, Xehanort, Terra, Aqua. :D All of them. They were incredible~!
    8D Well, then you'll enjoy it. :D And oh, here is the link. :P I don't want you to dig through the craziness of the Fanclub boards.


    If you read all the way through, you'll see some plotbunnies, fan fictions, fan art and so forth. My essay is on page 13 I think. :P I can't remember. You'll find it. Have fun~!

    And awww, you're so cute! <3 *hugs tightly* Thank you again! And well, my mother was the reason I *GOT* into Kingdom Hearts, she thought it looked like a game I would like, and got me into the fandom. Expect, she rented KHII for me first...and for a long time I thought that Roxas was the main character. >___> Woops! And yes! When it comes to Sora and Kairi and Roxas and Axel she'll turn into a SAP. :P

    AND HAHA! That scene after he gets his eye shot out? I know right?! I loved that scene, he's literally just blasting MX with his guns, and the bullets are just bouncing off. Last time I saw that, all the way through with the whole story, I was just like "Darling, when the bullets bounce off. That's a sign that it's time to quit." And I like the way you think. I'm really used to his voice now. :P He's just awesome.

    AND INORITE?! INORITE?!!! He's so SWEET with Riku. It just...made me fangirl about both of their relationships. <3 SO CUTE. And the way he ruffled his hair. Awwww. And yes, I hate Vanitas, but he's so LULZY. So evil and so different than most characters. And I think HJO did. :P I mean, near the end he was just going all out with the hamminess!

    Yes. I agree. It does remind me of the movie, even though I haven't seen that movie in many years. I just loved how AWESOME Aqua was being that Space Cop. :P It was really an awesome turn for her, made her voice actress seem even MORE AWESOME.
    >///////< Awwww shucks. Thanks! And you'll enjoy the board, I'm sure. But be aware, when I take control and become active. I talk quite a lot. :p I mean really. There are some VERY long posts. And when you come across my essay, it's even longer.

    Eeek! You're making me blush. But, yes. I hardly say anything bad about anyone on here. :p I'm just too nice. And well, in regards to the ending of KHI, I know that I AND my mother still get teary-eyed. It just has that effect over us. And considering that I made her like KH. :p Haha!

    And Oh! I love that scene! I agree, the animation there flows really perfectly, and when Xehanort goes "Terra...you say?" with those dull eyes and the darkness coming from it. It's...incredible. Makes me remember just how deep KH can really go in regards to that stuff. And you're right, I loved Billy Zane, but with what he was saying there and his line about darkness before Aqua. It was AMAZING. IT MAKES ME WANT MOAR.

    Oh? My favorite scene, you say? Goodness. Far too many. I really loved the scene where Terra comes to Riku and gives him that Keyblade rite thing. It was adorable, and anything with Vanitas is just amazing and blows me away. I loved EVERY Braig scene, and the one Eraqus and Terra is just...afjdklgdfjh. YES. ;3; Let's see...hmmm. Probably the Final Episode and OOH! That scene with Aqua and Stitch. I love how she goes "I like the charm you made" it's so tender. :D
    Ah! Oooh! You're the girl that I--yes! Now I remember! Wow, that was quite some time ago. :) But awesome nonetheless. And yes? You're correct. My main topic was the theory about Xigbar being Roxa's guardian :) Since then, I've been posting a lot of my thoughts in the Xigxas board, even made an essay about everything--ended up being fifty pages long--and a lot of people liked it.

    Well...respected? Awww. :D Aren't you the sweet one! Thank you! And yes. We do! I mean we both cried at the end of KHI. :p That counts as something. And recently, I've watched every scene of Birth By Sleep. :p So now...I'm not so much in the dark when people talk. What about you? What's your favorite scene in the game, eh? :D
    I don't know you too well, at least I don't think I do. But you seem awesome to me. And you seem like you have a lot in common considering how we both think the same with our reactions. :D I would be honored to get to know you better.

    ...Of course. If you are someone I've talked to before. <______> *sigh* Just humor me. I'm too tired to think correctly. :p
    Hey, is it alright if I make the canvas size for your tag a bit smaller? I tend to find it easier to make something better with a smaller canvas, and in the case of this stock, I think it would be better.
    Not much going on. Really tired. -_-

    Been listening to Riku's Theme over and over again. <3
    LMAO Nice.

    It's okay! ^_^

    BTW, did you see the RE:coded Secret Ending?! *fanboy squee* <3333333333333333333333333333333
    Maybe, but he's still a horrid shonen mangaka overall. xD

    lol I like the song a bit, but I do think something more serious would work better for AquTer. :)
    Maybe. xD Or he actually puts effort in that area. xD

    Oooooooooooh goodie! :D What song? :3
    So yeah, the only thing really keeping me into Bleach is the romance. xD Damn Kubo for actually doing a decent job with romance, while being an utter FAIL in every other aspect. :(
    It's about an "assistant pig-keeper" named Taran and his quest to defeat the Death-Lord Arawn. :D Epic cast of characters, such as the warrior princess/sorceress Eilonwy and their adorable side-kick, Gurgi. :3 It's absolutely wonderful IMO. First book is The Book of Three. <3

    True, true. ^_^ That being said, I'd say the retcons haven't been TOO bad; the one(s) in Bleach are MUCH worse. xD
    It's easier to read than either, to be honest. ^_^ Shorter too. But no less EPIC. <3

    Possibly. ^_^ If that was indeed a retcon, it wouldn't surprise me. ^_^

    lol I'll have to check him out. ;)
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