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  • An epic book series that rivals with Narnia and LoTR. :D

    True, but hopefully you'll be able to find it! ^_^ Ask around for the source, that might help. ;)

    True that. xD

    Gacht, right? Haven't heard his music. xD
    The books the movie was based on were absolutely amazing. <3 The movie was awesome, but I prefer the Prydain Chronicle novels any day. ^_^

    You'd probably need to check early interviews too. D:

    Agreed. :) And I noticed that implication with Eraqus. ;) I also noticed MX's implications that the best thing for the worlds is to have a perfect balance of light and darkness in his journal statements (then again it's been a while since I read 'em. D:)

    Wonder who they'll get...
    I loved it. xD
    He said it earlier on in BBS' production, as I recall. You'd have to look around for that one though. I think it might've even been either KH2 or Days Ultimania. D:
    True, true. That being said, I'd like to see them at least set up the "theme" of the next arc so to speak; like really hint and point at the idea of corrupted light for example! :D
    Theme song. :( Sowwy for da confusion! xD
    Agreed with the world listing, though I'd add Gargoyles, and Black Cauldron to that list too. <3
    The reason most don't think so is because Nomura stated only two members of TAV bear a valuable connection to SRK. And considering the connections between Sora/Ven and Riku/Terra, it's little wonder most would disagree with you. :( *huggles*
    I like having 'em set things up for the next arc villain, but IDK if it'll happen... :(
    I REALLY want a new game theme, btw. :3
    OHAI!!! :D *glompage* <3333333333333333333333

    So what do you wanna see in KH3? :3
    My Skype username is virgiltheart (though I've labeled myself as Mysterious Figure) ^_^

    Same here! xD

    Anyways, I gtg for now, but talk tomorrow? :)
    I like Skype meself. I have YIM, but I hardly ever use it. Highly recommend Skype. :D JOIN ME. <3 lol
    Skype 4.2 for Windows - Download the latest version of Skype and get free computer calls

    It's a software-thingy that allows you to IM, make phone calls and even have live video footage of the person you're talking to, provided they have a camera in their computer. I mostly use it for IMing personally, but it's quite handy either way. ^_^ It's free, btw. :D
    lol I'm still trying to figure that one myself. =P For me, it varies. xD

    Take out the last 'a' in Aqua, and the 'ra' out of Terra and pronounce it as such; A-cuu/Te-ur (I think? lol)
    Premium, not platinum. ;) *glomps*

    If you prefer that, then go ahead and call it that! xD I'll just call it AquTer though. xD
    Same here. I actually laughed when he flipped out at me and got uber-pissed. xD

    Thankies! :3

    So what's your favorite Aqua-based pairing? :D Crack is included. <3
    inorite? xD BTW, you PWNd in that post. <3 *glomps*

    I'm doing okay. :D I was sick earlier today, but I'm feeling better now. :3
    I've noticed that as well. :( Kinda sad. And YES that one's my favorite too! <3

    Yeah, it was. xD It's a hit to the ego alright. :c
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