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  • yeah, i've been really stressed trying to figure out what i'm doing work wise. i think i'm going to ask my current job if i can stay on but only do two shifts a week. i know the manager won't be happy but, i can't turn down an opportunity to be an assman. even if i suck and get fired. thank you!!

    THE STORE DOESN'T FUCKING CLOSE UNTIL 11PM I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SHIT xD i didn't think they'd have me close because i don't have a car so i can't drive the night deposits which they apparently expect me to do anyway

    i'm not an intentional workaholic. but i'm working 47 hours next week though so i'm probably going to need to drink heavily after because FUCK xD
    i'm crying i just got hired for an assistant manager position at a store, while being given a keyholder position at the job i have now

    ALL OF THIS RESPONSIBILITY but i'm either going to have to give in my two weeks or ask to only have a shift or two a week which i know the manager won't like xD

    SO DON'T FEEL BAD because i got home at fucking 12:30 am last night from work so i didn't get to go on my ps3 at ALL and chances are i won't be able to tonight either (work until 10:30 then have to work at 10:00 tomorrow) so ya. look for it on saturday night!

    But I do wash my hands after I come from outside..so. Well, making someone bust a gut from laughing means you must be pretty funny~ Yay :3 More guesses shall be made in the future. Yeah, I'm falling in the peer pressure trap...must not. But why must some baka vampires ruin the beauty and the grace of sparkles? So much in love in that surprise <3 I also have a thing for annoying people too lol e.g my friend hates candy crush but I send her requests on it all the time n_n. I don't feel dragondy and I ate dragon meat today u_u. Yeah, altho this week has been extremely lonely ;_;. (ewww lol) glo bright like a...like a...erm, a nebula ^_^. sorry couldn't resist *typical high school girl voice* Erm, hello, Forever 21 store. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE *pours the bleach all over the dress*

    *eyes glimmer in sadness while careless whispers plays in the background*

    And cream, it seems. lol, okay! seems we need to get more colour into your clothing palette. Also makes a happy Youni!
    No you can't!

    You should scan those pretty drawings and make a pretty deviant art along with it, what you'd say?
    yeah DID YOU ADD "OBURN" BECAUSE THAT ISN'T ME. "o-burn" dat dash

    ok i was marathoning TWD last night and i might try to finish when i get home from work tonight (i work until 11:30pm what the actual fuck) so i'll add you then!

    I AM SURE. you 100% did not add me, you might have added the oburn psn person though xD THE DASH IS VERY IMPORTANT

    is that your thing? wolfBaneEnGn99? if it is, i'll add you!

    Why would I~

    Heh, I think it is lol I'm over it~ Hmm, I think you're a pretty chill guy and isn't afraid to have fun and be silly...people might see you as the funny one of the group? Erm that's my guess lol. I guess, hmm. I kinda just feel insecure sometimes, considering everyone I know looks 19. Why doesn't it sparkle? :( Ha yeah, surprise blindness! I can't help it...I'm kind of a sadist...I like scaring people lol I think it was definitely dragon meat. It is :D She's gone now though :<. Well done, I'm proud! (better than smelling of poop Nope, all these years I only knew you by Relix lol. Actually knowing the person is more significant. You are indeed. SO I'LL BE INNOCENT IF I ONLY WEAR THE WHITE

    Really? So I guess you wouldn't mind watching their new video? ^______________^

    *tastes cake* I can feel the dignity in me recovering already. I guess..they help you find lost things...so why'd you bring up your clothing palette lol. That's good, A happy Relix is always nice :)
    Anything you can do, I can do lamer n_n

    but what would you put on deviant art lol
    Didn't say you were~ lol

    I have? lol guess you ain't seen my room then. Well, it did make me kind of frown :( makes me want to try make a 'guess' about you lol ask me a question, and I'll look inside my crystal ball...Yeah...-sigh- Less colours lol I don't wanna be looking like 14 when I go uni xD Mm, that makes me sound like some kind of greek goddess, like...the room just stops and sparkles when I come in lol. They say...I'm a creep xD Just because sometimes I just appear..I can't help being stealthy :( I think the meat must have been turkey...(I'll try) We did, I guess. Just chilled and talked~ hmm, I just hope I don't..See, you've got the hang of it already :) (It's pretty good, right?) Some may call it that, yes. Funny how you can know someone, but not know their name. Names aren't all that significant, are they? lol why are you acting like you're old? You're still forever young! Yeah! BUT I WEAR THE WHITE

    the judge is strong in you

    I just hope these cakes are nice..Google needs to up their game! lol what do you mean? ha, but you surely know black and white contrast lol I heard about that, guess you're really happy now then :)
    I guess you're VIP...yes one could say you have permission to do those stuff.

    ;___________; if you won't even draw how am I going to achieve that lol
    *looks at pic of turkey* *looks at dragon* hmm okay

    I don't think I'm that clean to earn that title. Whoa...that's really sad. but I understand, I guess. I think the worst of all though, is seeing things that aren't there because you've looked too deep. Ha, I guess so...hmm.. That is the truth though, not lying xD Although, I've tried to tone it down as of late. Not sure my presence will bring 'grace' though lol it'll be like I wasn't even there (depending on who im with ) Well, you'know what they say ;). Mystery sandwich? won't you share it with me lol (How should I be then lol) We surely do, I met up with her a few days ago, it was very nice ^.^ Lol Boo~ I'm starting to think I have an issue. You kind of curve your eye then you just?? y'know?? (My life is smell, like cherry blossoms) lol it was a strange occurrence. Lol okay...erm well, tell me, who's the person behind Relix?? Forever young, I wanna be forever young~ Don't go there, I could argue about that all day lol. BUT THEN YOU'D KNOW I JUST A INNOCENT LITTLE TEENAGER

    Hmm, the judge. I can feel it. lol

    *waits patiently* I thought it meant something was really horrible lol Google trolls sometimes. Hmm, true...yeah I don't download music that's totally against the law itunes store all the way. yep lol. Would be the quite the contrast with my skin lol *smell awkward air* HOW WAS YOUR WEEK
    You're only doing that cos you're like vip or something lol

    No problemo :)) That just sucks but as before, I can understand why that happens. Is that a challenge?
    Dragons? Since when are they dragons lol! Oh wow...never knew this turkeys made real trouble for you to cause 'oppression' lol

    A little anti bacteria gel never hurt anyone though...Missing out on being analytical? lol Like I don't think I could make guesses about you based on these conversations, especially clothing wise! Yeah, lol well, I could do that if I decided to come out of the shadows xD gotta keep my creeper reputation anyway. What sandwich was this? Wasn't it cooked properly or something? lol (<O>_<O> hmmm, well then..) ..my best friend (?) is going away for almost the whole summer...and we've barely seen each other the whole school year :\\ but I'm over it, a little. Nice typo, ate me xP it sure does...you can look curvy at someone. (My life has become smells lol) Probably on the inside, yes. I don't know, somehow we manage to give some really negative feedback but when questioned, we were all like whattt, where did these answers come from!?. In a year? :O. lol it's nothing big tbh, I'm just a bit OTT on privacy lol I duno what I could ask you that could be that severe xD.*basks in youth* I feel...alive and young and free~~ Yeah you are lol. Just about sweet enough lol IM INNOCENT WHY CAN'T YOU BELIEVE ME :(

    Gonna be honest, I also listen to One Direction sometimes..................................................................................................

    Cake. and lots of it. I can see lol. I didn't even know diabolical meant that....If you download music you commit crime?? (unless you buy your music lol) Horrible, horrible colour scheme lol. One day I'll wake up with all white hair *touch wood* no thanks. Being clueless about being a perv? How is that possible lol! <_< so many........shots of areas that arent boobs
    but how did you pass if you don't watch high school musical don't you hate it lol

    no problem :) KH thingy? Ah I see, I could really see it . You drew his style well :3 anime people shouldn't have hands, straight up. If i have one then you're certainly cool enough
    There is! They're fluffy...and nice to eat. Whoa, went all dramatic on me there. Where did 'mentally deprived' come from?? lol

    So you don't shower because you might kill yourself? lol that escalated quickly! Any time! :) Really? Damn...I feel like I'm missing out. Lol yep, gotta go incognito on some people at times :) (Have I told you that before? I feel like I have xD Would you ever wear bright colours??) Yes, with time that is~ It's the key to everything really! :) Speaking of chilling with friends...I'm kinda of sad. They have like...paranorma vision. Who wouldn't want that? Want me to look curvy at you?? (Smells and patheticness. I think I've become immune to it, y'know..) They were actually quite relaxed! I think that was different tho :3 We had one of those too..and my English class messed it up lol. *Overused, I know xD Thanks B) hmm?? Well, I'll leave that to Skype. I don't think you'd like random Guests creeping on that info lo Forever? Forever???? Ha, idk makes seem very young...which I am! but *shrug*. Yeah you are!!!! My fish blower...wait why u storm off :(((( lol @ definitions for diabolical 'satanic' 'devilish' never knew i was that evil xDD I DRESS WITH ALL THE COLOURS ON THE WHITE DRESS!

    lol carly rae jespeh - this kiss pls don't judge i swear i listen to better music on some days ;__;

    That's why...I must heal. That's a lot of adverbs you got there. But it's pretty accurate. They are...diabolical n_n. Areee you sure? Against what? xD the law?? pshhhh. Neon green and blue is the worst offender ~_~ I have one white hair y'know...it's happening...slowly. Makes me tooth ache lol. ok what about the ones that don't get you into trouble?? and I had to remind myself I wasn't watching porn on this episode I watched today x_x
    but how does one become the right amount of lame??

    I didn't, i swear :D HEY that's actually alright and it's your first time drawing a chick :) reminds me of nomura's style (idk if that's intentional?)
    *hi5* hands are evillllllllllllllllll. That makes me wonder how your guys look then :) why you not have a deviant art or somethin'?
    LOL omg...I love turkeys. They are great for creating awkward moments.

    But...disinfect doesn't mean kill, it merely means cleansing lol. Yes, so in return I will put my hand of support on you :). *looks at you shocked* Am I that easy to read over mere messages, wow lol. But yes, you're right xD Altho, sometimes I like to be a bit of a...ninja. (Bright, colourful, probably too young for my age lol) Thank you :) My aim is to be the best me that I can possibly be n_n. Yeah, or even just seeing different states, chilling with some friends~ Nothing wrong at all, I mean they have vertical pupils so they're already winning. If I do, in the next or so VMs, I'm looking straight at you. (Yay...lol what has my life come to) They just want the best for us I guess lol it doesn't stop there, there was a student interview panel too xD *Level...level 9000 -puts on the shadessssss-* Whatever you feel comfortable with me knowing :)? But at 15 I was younger lol I wonder if at 18 you'll still call me young one, ey? You're starting drama now! Yes, I brought a fish bubble blower, just for that purpose n_n LOOK AT ME...IM DRESSED IN WHITE

    sorry i was singing a song

    my dignity is gone, what else do i have to lose :( Titans in general aren't fun lol Are you sure you don't know how to hackkk? I mean you know the stuffs it involves?? Now, I don't know about that, you can easily make some really bad colour schemes :p maybe im growing old??? It's...reallly...kawaii? bright? lol He's so damn perverted sadly. What aspects though? haha..
    Only lame peeps invited~~

    Thanks, glad to hear it n_n ....do you have the link? I want to seeeeeeeeeee! Ah, yes I can see how that can easily happen. it's so sad when it does tho :(
    Like you were just chilling and it...slammed into a tree? They also chase people.......

    Only if you don't turn into a parasite lol Aww, feels nice to have another hand of support on my shoulder! I will need it :). I do though, (despite dressing really crazily sometimes) but...but I'm okay with that :)I won't let it get to me as I will continue to push the boundaries of my comfort zone~ Yeah, just looks fun! And beaches! I want to go the beach *_*. Yeah if you're a cow or goat LOL. No *pouts* (I will tell her that lol she brought new tissue paper tho so..yay) The college asked us too so *shrug* xD They were both good but teacher #1 reminded me of my current teacher....*the bestest flow in the world* :DDD. what nothing i said nothing. Don't laugh at what I say okay, I was young lol. You start the drama, I only go along with it. ^^ I can prove it tho.. Yeah, I have more lethal ways of annoying them anyway :) YEAH, I N N O C E N T L Y

    why so detrimental?

    *pouts for the next hour or so* -3-. Hmm, okay...I'm thankful for that. Ha, how do people hack anyway?? Paint is where...everything starts. I don't even know :\ Well, going to catch up then going Hentai Prince after that :) The opening song is really awkward btw lol Besides...the character has good points and is cool a guy I guess.

    I'll think about it...anyway thanks for looking at them and stuff :))
    wtf...the forum still does that?? *pats head* thank you for putting the effort into write another one

    Did it chase you lol? I'm in a love hate relationship with turkeys. They're funny and crazy but really scary...

    We'd have to disinfect you...and that wouldn't be nice. Aww, thank you :) I will not disappoint. Yeahhhh, but it makes you feel like...you're forgettable or something :( She always used to get me and my friend mixed up /sigh. Woop, woop! Road trip. I really want to go on one...in America. Britain would just be the same thing...grass, grass, hill..I will read over my things now u_u. (Try harder at buying tissue?? lol sniff harder?) Yeah, we have a lot of tricks and stuff to get a teacher...not to teach. I did! It was chemistry so I was falling asleep on both of them but the 2nd one got my vote :). *What is the flow?* It should be, yeah :3 then you can tell me all your secrets..I'll take your word for it! Go on, it's fun. You can look at how far you've come :) Howwwwwwww? Yes peaceful n_n. but...but it's cute. Should I spare them then :\? I DID NOT I WAS JUST HERE INNOCENTLY

    Yep..*looks into the distance*

    Somewhere you'll never know...*goes under cloak again*. Are...you a titan? What don't kill you, makes you stronger :) I never learnt hacking :\ But hey I learnt how to use Paint! I'm on ep 5 now, it's pretty cool and I don't mind if it gets sentimental I guess. Nope, I actually forgot i'm watching some other animes! How bad am I xD 'maybe, i guess' so much uncertainty, come on, it's just me
    haha, we're a cool type of lame though...if that's possible

    Oki, thanks. :3 I'll have to think hard before doing that....hmmm
    LOL damn it I said WHY'D instead of WHAT my english is not on point today :< Nice...bugs. See any bears? xD

    I was merely comparing xD! It would be bad if your limbs turned into parasites. Don't worry! Once I get my results, I'm really not going to have a life next year :) She is. She never remembered my name and disliked most of my class...lol driving to Wales from London is kinda of crazy though and flying there would be more expensive! lol Now, after my previous one they're not funny lol (My mum said they don't smell :\) The day in age? The age of the day? Speaking of teachers, I had to judge some teachers today who might just become my chemistry teachers today...xD. *goes with flow* Okay, looking forward to it :3 How does that workk? Why is more interesting? xD You should you know, you'll facepalm...a lot. *GASP* I do nottttttt, I'm peaceful and cute (◠‿◕✿) Why don't you like de cheese? :( I like that word...think I gonna call my bros that. YOU SEE THESE TEARS...THEY ARE BC OF YOU.

    an old man...i used to know.

    *Grabs ankle* Oiiiiiiii~ Well, you are human, I think. Everyone has experienced the arsey-ness of people. It can, it really can. What she learnt was really crazy though, like hacking lol?? wow. Lol yes, badly enough. That has made me learn so good and bad stuff, I guess. Dat Hentai Prince. I just finished watching episode 4, it was like??? She wanted to marry her sister that just so random lol (I'm bad at names :(() Yes, I mean Hentai Prince and I'd like you to answer LOL
    Sometimes, being lame can be a really really good thing lol

    *drums fingers against table* Really? It's not like stupid or anything?? *looks around shiftly* I was actually meant to post all this stuff in that outfit thread but...
    Cool, why'd you get up to on that adventure? :3 and hey man it's okayyy.

    Well, you said your limbs were slimming lol!! Yep, that's in a nutshell. But sometimes, it can just be a little too late. Yeah, poor us and the trip is bloody expensive. My bio teacher was like: "If you can't afford it, don't take Bio next year." /evilperson. It's some place in Wales...and now to see where I can actually acquire cyclohexane...Typos are sometimes funny xD (It only stinks at night nowadays). I guess that will kinda depend on what school ya go to~ I do try not to lol o3o. Just when you have a date that you're most likely not to be doing anything :) Are you a workaholic or something lol? Ohh, well they do bring back good times :) I wasn't starting drama at all though lol. Cheesy films...are good. Bropi? lol F YEAH CAKEEE

    life isn't fair

    *Rex's shoe lands near face* O_O. Sounds like magical powers. People are just...arseholes. That's what I think. The wonders of what being alone with a computer most of your teen years can bring lol The same thing happened to me...actually. As promised, I did :D Looking good so far...but just tell me...how much to relate to the main character on a personal level
    It would have made us seem less perverted? lol Good :)

    OKAY! you asked for this. *Throws link at you* here it is here is my design
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