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    It could go on for hours xD Its basicly a girl wanting pay pack cause her Ex used her now she is in acting so she can be better than him. WOW the shortest ive evr done xD but its REALLY funny xD
    XD it is?>< I use GIMPl Yeps!
    Kels im taking your request now, i can't seem to find the picture you need from that link you provided. care to find another one?
    Oh my I think you got confused. The Future Problem Solvers is separate from the Impact. So...just FPS XD
    Theater is good. I never like doing it, but I admire people who do. So you are in college?
    I cant remembr>< so much has been going on I forgot alot...... I feel stupid>< Fruits baskt is awsome!!! Im on book 4>< skip beat is so awsome! If I explain you know how long it will go on? ><

    Yes you grow up so fast!! XD*hugs* Ya I know. Ive been doing it for 3 months now. Okies! And I jsut wanted to give it a shot. Love messing with things like that with colors and stuffs. Anything to do with art I will do
    Lol the some things I do are Future Problem Solvers, Impact (community service club), Academic Bowl, National Honors Society, and I'll be doing Art Club this year.
    Hmm no probs Kels C:
    Ive let the others know about your request. Dunno whos taking it yet.
    it's not my room mate. he's cool. it's these other pains in the asses in the building. they yell and it irritates me cause i wanna sleep damn it. :p idiots will be idiots. they don't listen to reason...
    same here.
    at college as well. it's not half bad. i'm a bit tired cause my dorm mates like to yell a lot in the middle of the night. ><;;;
    I wish I could say I was busy. Sometimes I really regret not being more active with things like sports and clubs, but I do do some things. My life has been pretty average lately.
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