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    ya it was some parts where just rreally funny xD And ya from what I learned he did seem like a real good president. Ya it was alot of fun and intrsting! The mangas are good. Finshed skip beat and still readin FB alsmot done with it><... Lol ya it is funny! kinda confusing though @_@

    Lols its okay. Everyone can get conffuzled xD YAY!!! thats me sis! you grow up so fast xD jkjk*hugs* Ooh and hey if you eva want a sig done I can make one for ya! Me not to good but if you ever want one I will be happy to make you ones! ^^
    It was! and was alot of fun too! saw aliens in the atic. Labrary...Wow I cant spell today... Regan libary.Tells about his life and how he became presedent. Told all about him. I got the 3rd volume of skip beat and the 4th voulume of fruits basket!! my bro got book one and trwo of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I read the frist one its funny xD

    Lol no you didint scare me I was just kidding around>< LOL well good if somone hurts you kick their butts! i know me sis kels can beat anyone up when she needed too!
    yay!!! you so rock!! :3
    Yeps! we went to a ww11 arport and we got to go in a plane!! we went to a moive we went to the ragan liaby she bout me two mangas aswell. I had a great time! LOL and good dont wana see in the news my sis killes somone xD
    Ya I can understand that
    Oooh I know I love doing that!!!
    It was!!!! :D
    Lol well good. You didnt kill anyone yet did you? O_O xD
    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee*random moment*

    Its okies sis I understand! Stayed with my other grandmother while parents went outa state. I HAD SO MUCH FUN! :3
    Ooh I see><
    yay!! :3
    Been good! just got back from a weeks vacation! got home yesterday though. But ya im doing alright! hows is you?

    Oh good, at first I was afraid that I'd sent my e-mail to the wrong address, but now I can see that I didn't and it all worked out! :)
    Thats cool :D I hope everythings gone well with college preperations and all that ^.^
    I've been rether good lately ^^ still working, but i've been rather sick lately.
    Oooh okay. Lol I see I see>< :D Ooooohh I see. Well gata love your parents right? They are only look out for you :D my parents just read some of my convos to make sure im not breaking rules and to make sure im not talking to pervs and predators><
    Wow that sucks, I wish you best of luck getting to Premium, and maybe try just Rev? And yeah, I've got junior year coming up, pretty stoked for that.
    Ooohs I see. Do I bore you?>< Oooh I see. Lols finding a way around it I see :p If I may ask why did they block it?
    Lol you dont? i hate when that happenes O_O wait I though t your parent blocked off your KHI O_O
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