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    TGS Trailer officially released! (JP and Eng. Subbed trailers in first post)

    I recently watched it, and I'm impressed by what I've been seeing. :) *needs to keep up with KH updates*
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    Fanfiction ► Someone Else [KH, Riku/Xion]

    Duuude, that was really cute. *_* Great job~
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    Fanfiction ► FanFiction.Net Profile Directory

    Re: Fanfiction.net account thread Dechuu - FanFiction.Net Yesh, that's mine.
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    How did lea turn into axel?

    It has not been confirmed how it happened, but I think Ethnic Woman's theory makes sense.
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    I'm sad :(

    That really sucks. I hope you'll get it fixed or get anew one. ;_;
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    Quinton Flynn talks about KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep

    Thanks for sharing! That was worth watching. :D
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    Happy Birthday to me

    Yeah, it's my birthday today, and I'm __ years old.
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    Fanfiction ► ~ Blackbird ~

    Both chapter one and two were fun to read! I really like the idea you chose for this story.
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    Fanfiction ► Fate of A Hero: The Prequel to "The Road to Dawn"

    Re: Fate of A Hero It looks like something unlucky is about to happen. o.o
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    Fanfiction ► Last Whispers

    You did a decent job on this, Umbra. :)
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    Help/Support ► I hate these people. . .

    It's actually normal to go through...especially in teenage years. Even though your mother gets you mad, that's still not a very good reason to hate her. I know sometimes we feel down, but we have got to learn how try solving it. Like Scubaol said, it's best if you have a conversation with your...
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread TheLight does have a point. Even though we may not like the actor/actress, it's best if we at least hear how they do first.
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    KH Easter Gift! (for the wishful thinkers)

    An English version of a trailer would be awesome.
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread I think Kari has done Ashe from FFXII.
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep manga?

    They might create manga, but I can't really say it would be anytime soon.