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    MF read this!

    Based on: Fanz0RocksYoutube's theory Hey guys, wanted to make this thread since I wanted to synthesize some speculation and add some of my own. I think it could be possible that original Ansem the Wise were to be the MF. First of all, analyzing time, AtW could fairly visit The Land of...
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    Top 100

    Hey there forum. I was checking up IGN and I found a top 100 ps2 games list. I searched the list and i found KH re:com in post 92! KHII was settled in post 73! Just wanted to share this piece of news, sorry if it´s been posted already, I'll leave the link below. Top 100 PS2 Games - Top 100...
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    release date

    Hi in first place. Checkin around bbs info i saw something that caught my sight. Gamestats.com has already posted a release date for Birth by sleep. Sep 30 2010. Is it true? Check it out, discuss, comment reVerse/reBirth
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    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    feels great to be back 255555555555555555555555555
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    BbS Sells 446k In First Week

    Re: BbS Sells Over 500k in Two Days Wait to see how much it sells in NA
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    MX took Ven out of the Chamber of Waking

    wtf is CoW 2525252525252525252525
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    What is Ven pointing at?

    isn´t he well...FROZEN? 25252525
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    Castle Oblivion in BBS

    Is Ven really in Castle Oblivion??? I don´t remember any holographic walls!?
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    How does the story work?

    have to wait 12 more days! 25
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    Creator Message from Tetsuya Nomura (Message from the KINGDOM)

    Tanks Lissar keep us tuned!
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    a theory on bbs ending

    wlep got to admit that they look pretty similar with al these cult to the keyblada and now well there are 4 weilders haha
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    Everyone seems to have forgotten...

    HOLY =)(/ wit the VAnitas hahaha
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    Vanitas destroys L.o.D????

    I feel it was Terra...or Do i want it to be Terra? lol
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    possible american release dates??

    I can´t wait!!! hope late april!
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    KingdomHearts BBS Winter Trailer with English SUbs

    does that need a whole new thread?