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  • I don't really hate him for that reason.

    I just hate the people who pair them up...
    Well, at least he was impressive in his manner of killing. That's more than can be said for most members of Organization XIII.

    Of course, he was pathetic in KHII. Also, I wonder why so many people on here support the pedophilia that is Akuroku. I don't know how it's in any way "cute" or "adorable". I mean, if they're going for a pedophilia based pairing, Luxord at least should be in it.

    Because British pedophiles are better than the regular variety.
    So... you hate Axel because he hurt Xion, and somehow that means you can't hate Axel too?

    Personally, I don't like Xion. At all. I'm still wondering if it classifies as a Mary Sue or a Gary Stu. Maybe androgynous characters need their own name? Whatever... I don't like Axel because, well, he just became so... uninteresting by KHII. And even 358/2 Days... In CoM he was probably one of the best characters.

    Roxas, he's kind of annoying sometimes, but he was pretty good in KHII. I felt for him, sort of.
    Oh wow, I thought Smile would start this.

    Listen, I didn't decide on those reasons. Blame the idiots who believe that. I just have an unconditional dislike of her. I personally don't have any reasons.
    That could work well actually.

    The Complete Club of Xehanort (MX, Terra, Ansem, and Xemnas)
    Thats Great. I could manage the Ansem part and you could manage the Xemnas part. We will just copy and paste the other info.

    You can have the first post be all the Xemnas stuff and the next post could be all the Ansem stuff. Wed have to get approval from the MX club to include him, so lets just pass that for now.
    Can we call it the Ansem & Xemnas Fanclub please. If we call it the Xehanort FC than well have to include MX.
    That could work very well. My Ansem SoD fanclub seems somewhat dead ):

    Maybe the first post could have your Xemnas banner, and then i could post next with my Ansem banner and members and all that
    *gives a sheepish grin* Perhaps I did. It's been a while and I've been somewhat busy and distracted this afternoon.

    And lolz. There are those puns again. ;D
    :) Hm. I don't think I have. I will go check it out right away! And hm? What do you mean? ;) I must have forgotten.

    And in reponse, no I don't have MSN. :p
    People need to cut Nomura slack thats why I posted there. He did nothing wrong and they are just unappreciative idiots sometimes.
    that wasnt supposed to be insulting haha. I just immediately started it because it was a new feature in FM and dont want to do Proud or anything at all because it is easier in comparison
    Well itll probably take a while. I waited until I completely finished my regular Critical Mode file (there is NO other way to play FM besides Critical)
    lol probably. Importing the FM games was probably the best KH decision Ive ever made. Do you have them?
    It was the hardest Kingdom Hearts thing Ive ever done but I beat Xemnas a week ago. Sephiroth is easy still but I dont think I can beat Terra or get to the data battles for a while.
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