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  • Thank you so much for liking my PR: Engine Squadron. But, every chapter is entirely original. The only thing that is not original are the zords, weapons, and suits.
    Thanks for the banner but I cant use it. That persons account is innactive, could you tell me what to type in on google to get to it?
    LOLZ. Well trust me when I say that I find it difficult to spell Organization correctly. :p So that's the closest thing I can do to make it better.
    :) Oh ditto. I like that too, but I'm also fond of the characters. Espcially the Orgy, they are the most complex and interesting for me. :D What about you?
    OH INDEED! *giggle*

    So hi. ;) I don't think we've ever spoken before...or...at lest I don't think so...*bad memory* *ahem* :D
    "(How many times have I captioned PoN's avatar?)"

    ;) It's fate! Fate I tells ya! Your fated to always caption my icon! MAWHAHA!

    And hey, please...call me Ponnie. :)
    I've had to explain this to too many theology-ignorant baboons before, but I'll do it again.

    God is not a "hypocrite".
    Try reading a Bible instead of regurgitating what your retarded 14-year-old atheist friends think they know about Christianity.

    God is the absence of sin. He cannot be around or in contact with sin, because of his purity.
    He gave us a choice to love Him or not to love Him, because if he "forced" love upon us, it would not truly be love. A programmed robot cannot love. Love is a decision, love is an action, love is a commitment. Something this generation has COMPLETELY forgotten. It is not an emotion.

    Therefore, in the midst of our choice, we still chose to sin.

    So we have absolutely NO right to be in contact or the presence of God whatsoever because he CANNOT be with sin. Period. It's oil and water. They do not mix.

    Because we have sinned, we cannot be with God.
    He's also justice, and like any fair judge, must judge sin.
    But the Bible says God doesn't want ANY of us to perish.

    God however, as you probably heard, loved the world so much that he sent his Son to pay that penalty so that we COULD be with him. There is nothing you can do to make up for the sin you've done. So Jesus Christ did it.

    A loving God:
    - Made us
    - Gave us a choice
    - When we SCREWED UP, he saved us from our sins through sending his own Son to die, just for us.
    - People STILL CHOOSE to sin. They apparently don't like free gifts.

    People don't want God. Even though they can be redeemed of their sins, they don't want Him. They CHOOSE not to want Him. And then they complain about the fact they have a "choice" and how it's "not fair" that God judges sin according to the fact that we chose to do it. They acknowledge this fact. It's like a child steals candy and complains that his mother is a hypocrite for punishing him when he does so.

    Please, get a GRIP on what theology is before you open your mouth.
    Indeed. :3 His videos are hilarious. Speaking of which... *runs off to see if new video is up yet*
    It's not a negative ROFL, I thought it was funny.
    the weapons are very endearing yes and then when the weapons change they became even more endearing!
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