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  • Oh really u wanna Change it? Its So cute tho haha and id love to help u choose one Rexy that's really sweet of u to ask haha and how u doing today Rexy :) also sorry for my real late reply
    Its kk don't worry about it Rexy. And Super Cute Sora Avatar im in love with it because of its super cuteness ;)
    Yeah, my PSN is stber407.I've mostly been using it watch movies recently now that there aren't many games out.
    Never got a chance to say hello and thank you for sending me a friend request.I'm still what you may call somewhat new I guess.Been on the site for around a year now but not much else.Great to get to know some people.
    Copy an image URL you want to use and then use our [ IMG ][ / IMG ] tags. If you find that's not working, copy the image and then upload it to an image hosting site, such as Imgur (doesn't require an account). Then you copy the "Direct Link" and use that for our [ IMG ][ / IMG ] tag.
    Ask the question here. I think you need to talk to a Mod that is higher up, e.g. Jeels or Shamedo.
    Thanks, i've had this avatar sitting in my pics for awhile and dont really remember where i got it from. I typed "Kingdom Hearts GIF" in Google and found a whole site with all kinds of them if i find it i get you the link.

    Here's some you might like

    KH Animated gifs - Squaresoft Forever
    go to the 5th page of my visitor messages and find ultima demi's comment tht has the word free avatars in blue and click tht link
    Thanks! I like the video in your siggy too! I dont see the need for the random "COLOR" text code though, there is no text. :D
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