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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory logo found in Dark Road website

    While I understand the point you’re making, and agree with it to an extent, I don’t think we really know what Kairi we actually have. I agree with Echo’s points - Kairi hasn’t had the opportunity to shine since the first game. She felt like an after thought in 2 and 3, and wasn’t even remotely...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory logo found in Dark Road website

    I think the story of Frozen 2 makes too much sense for it not to be utilized at some point, and I think it makes the most sense for Kairi’s journey to find Sora. Sora abusing the Power of Waking and the ramifications of that almost perfectly shadow Elsa’s journey to Ahtohallan where she “goes...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory logo found in Dark Road website

    Theoretically, assuming it is the Exam, I don’t think all seven of the characters I listed would be involved. It would likely only be 2. As for writing characters out, I think Nomura set it up so that he could write any and all of the characters out for now, but still has enough leeway that he...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory logo found in Dark Road website

    MOM could also potentially be Mark of Mastery? There’s a number of characters who could potentially be ready to take the test. Terra, Ventus, Kairi, Lea, Roxas, Xion, and Sora are all wielders who aren’t masters. If it truly is DDD vol 2, character(s) taking the Mark of Mastery could work well.
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    The ratio of returning/new worlds for KHIV?

    You misunderstood me. I wasn’t saying that DDD had 8 or 9 worlds. I was saying that if the next game is a shorter game, comparable to Uncharted: Lost Legacy or Spider-Man: Miles Morales, they’re going to have to choose if they want to put a bunch of small worlds, around the size of DDD’s worlds...
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    The ratio of returning/new worlds for KHIV?

    I thought about the upcoming Miles Morales game right after I posted that. I’d be interested to see what a scaled down, but still on console, Kingdom Hearts game would look like. I wonder if they’d spring for fewer worlds - maybe 4 or 5 or if they’d go for more, smaller worlds - maybe 8 or 9 the...
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    The ratio of returning/new worlds for KHIV?

    I’m hearing a lot of talk about the next “side game,” and people assuming it’ll be smaller in scale, but I’m not so sure this is the case. I think handheld gaming is on its way out the door. It’s been nine years since Nintendo released a mainline handheld device with the 3DS. Even though there...
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    Thoughts on How Disney Worlds Will Even Work (RE:MIND Spoilers Warning)

    I think an Up world could work well here. Xehanort could meet a young Carl, Ellie, and Charles Muntz, and he could learn that heroes sometimes aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.
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    Falling in and out of love with Kingdom Hearts in a post-KH3 world

    Well, I did like his method of traversing the worlds by following his heart, but he still didn’t really have a reason to do so, like how in the first two games he was looking for Riku, Kairi, and The King, you know? But maybe that’s just me.
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    Falling in and out of love with Kingdom Hearts in a post-KH3 world

    This is really interesting. To me, it seemed like in KH1, the biggest reason SDG were traveling the worlds was to look for Riku and Kairi // The King, and Leon was like “hey while ur out there, stop the darkness.” And then, again, in KH2 it was like “ok now where did Riku and the King go?” and...
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    Falling in and out of love with Kingdom Hearts in a post-KH3 world

    It just feels like the series lost it’s roots. On first play through, I felt that excitement exploring new Disney worlds and watching SDG interact with everyone. On second play through, I realized that like so many have said before, and like so many will continue to say, there were just too many...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Novel Vol.2 Cover Revealed

    Goofy really out here looking at Sora’s ass
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    News ► Famitsu interviews Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC

    13 bosses will be nice, unless it’s just the True Organization again. Even getting to fight them as other characters will be weak if that’s all that Nomura is talking about. I am glad they’re keeping the Secret Episode a secret though. I hope they don’t give away much between now and release.
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    What you Want/Don't Want/Expect in the next game

    My biggest want is for characters other than Sora, Donald, and Goofy to get world transformations. I would love to see Riku and Kairi as toys or Lea and Roxas and Xion as pirates. The closest we have so far is Pete’s lion form from KH2 and Riku’s costume change in The Grid, but lion Pete was...
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Let’s talk Lightyear, Luca, and everything else!

    I also think Cinderella could work really well - especially with Riku. I think he would have some wonderful interactions with this version of the Princess. Also, as much as I dislike it, I think Maleficent could work, too. It would’ve interesting to see a “good” Maleficent face off against our...