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  • Im glad you are doing good, and yep I noticed that you havent been online as much ^^; I hope everything's ging good for you, everyone seems to be busy nowadays hehe..
    Yep I remember it stopping. Um well that I wouldn't know since most of the people who took part in it arent here anymore, well nelo drops by from time to time but since he's continuing it over at SEA I am not sure, same for kbxiii totally not sure, well, maybe that could bring in some new players, I dont know
    Yeah because of take riku we got to have NES, and well, revived it this year lol. Um well..you mean NES the second tale? I think it must be somewhere around I remember I had it bookmarked but I lost all my bookmarks one day um well..it must have been between pages 30 and 50 of forum games I think '_' I'll try to look for it, oh also, kbxiii returned!
    Ah that is good to know! I've been alright too, just have been reading Take Riku if you can over here I'll be forever grateful to you for creating that game <3
    BTW we-ve also made some changes to the story as a whole, kinda trying to keep on going from the original plot but changed it nonetheless, as an example, Xugoh left NES so we-re debating what actions should we take regarding what he did on NES, I-ve also changed a lot of things from my own plot, well it-s far more explained on the story. But anyway, WELCOME BACK!!!
    So nelo told me you retuned huh ? it-s Karen, foreverkigdom just in case haha. Good to have you back Rika.
    Rika! Thats great to hear. You know we started up another website where we started to play our old Neveredning Story game. You should play, since it was you who played a big part in starting the original.
    If you ever do come on to this webiste again, would like to say hello again. Hope you okay. We had some great times here :)
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