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  • WHY YOU NO SLEEP!? >:3
    >x3 gram no good at it.
    *u* lack of sleep.
    what the hell was that!? x'D
    sleepy is how~
    how about you?
    \^o^/ HELLO!!!!! wut you doing on here? have you slept!? >:O
    gram sucks at tennis i've tried.
    no like pink ever.
    i didnt thats purple not pink.
    ahahahaha you actually shook it hahahahahaha *holding camera*
    *hugs* BOGA BOGA!
    o3o lol i cant anagram sucks at tennis~
    Anagram does NOT!!!!
    ;~; y u no fear gram?
    Anagram likes blue!
    o3o gram's dont shake asses, you shake yours instead~
    \^o^/ YAY! *hugs*
    *o* you can play tennis!?
    its lies!
    no...YOU FEAR ME MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C:<
    ;~; you dont wanna be anagram's poppet? *sniff*
    \^o^/ hello!!!! thats okay~ what you do yesterday?
    no! my fav is blue *u*
    i thought it was the sound pacman makes o3o
    xD i noticed
    xD why?
    i'll pass looking up guys aint my thing o3o
    u no make cookie!? D:
    how bout you?
    you need sleep! especially if your playing paintball *o*
    *o* its a hug?
    o3o i cant help it if i dont follow your pervy innuendo~
    IM NOT A LOLLIPOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs off*
    are you high? o,0
    @3@ you like hugs dont you.
    dont know them two~ xD i'd rather make cookies.
    x3 what does glomp mean?
    but im wearing shorts o,0
    ^3^ that cause i cant remember~
    is the lollipop blue rasberry!? @^@
    aww i guess so o3o *hugs*
    now now you dont need to feel bad :] what cheers you up?
    well have you been up all night or wut!? o3o
    ;~; always alone.
    whats straight?
    :rolleyes: what makes you think that~
    NEVA!!!! *runs off*
    awww there there *pets* its okay now o3o just think one day she'll end up all fat and ugly and alone guuu~
    psssh they no not what they talk about! the guys are right.
    i can read it herp derp ;3
    you mean you've been up all night!?
    ^3^ Anagrams cant dance we suck at it.
    im a guy does not care for cute.
    xD you tell me~
    Anagram wont be eaten!
    da fuk? o,0 is she a bitch or just stupid!? >:O
    xD you get up at 8am!? its 12:11 midnight for me *u*
    *o* oh oh now ceiling walk!
    i like darker blue~
    heheh cause its fun xD pffft the picture would be fake.
    Anagram's arent edible.
    ;~; but...i wanna tell......
    o,0 your on!? but how!? your usually sleeping right now, ^3^ daw *pets*
    >3< no MOON WALK!
    i love blue~
    oh thaaaaaat~ nah i think i'll let you figure it out. *u* heheheh
    Anagram is thirsty o3o
    anagram wishes to spoil you with details for lulz
    hullo! :D
    *watches*...;~: i cant do that....
    WRONG today is blue cause i dont like pink!
    daw i'd tell you but i cant remember what i was not telling you lol o3o *pets head like puppy*
    ^3^ never heard of them
    hi! ^o^/
    ahhhh but i wanted to spoil you!
    *dances* ~^3^~ YOU DANCE!!!
    it changed? o,0
    o3o lol im not gonna tell you that'd be to easy~
    never heard the band big bang either ^_^
    D: ahhh a fight about what? you okay? occupation?

    i got kh3d ^u^
    Kay! =) I will be going to college! Just not yet! ='D
    But at the same time, writing like that might give you inspiration! ;3
    Your welcome! Kids deserve long breaks from time to time and you've earned it by going through those exams! =D
    Oh okay! GIGIRI! XD
    Thanks! And what? Who be this Jerad and Gerard? O3O
    *Puts on cheerleading costume* You can do it You can do it! Go, GO ROXANA! GOOO!!! 8D *Throws pompoms in the air and does a back flip while fireworks goes off in the background*
    Daww, okay! Me no slappy me self any more! X3
    Hmm, true! You could ask a family member if they could get you one for your birthday? =D Asking a friend for something like that might be a bit too much! ^_^;
    Here you go! ^U^ It's a giant Pizza! =D
    8D I'm sexy again! 8D
    Okay! X3 *Hugs* But no underwear! I prefer boxers only! ;3
    Nope! But Have seen people drink and sometimes they go overboard with it! 'XD
    *Steals the Lolipop* MINE! >XD *Runs away along with the Lolipop song playing in the background*
    Am doing good today! Got KH3D today and nearly drooled over the opening! XD
    And life is still good for me! X3

    How about you? How are you and your life? =D

    HAPPY KH3D DAY!!! 8D
    HI! :D
    muwhahahahah BOOMSHAGALAGA!!!!
    thats cuz i know my shiz o3o
    thats not proof!!!!!!!
    xD still could.
    fank u~ *u*
    its a music? o,0
    *3* guuu~
    im good kh3d is out tomorrow~ how bout you?
    like omg i know *chews sour gum* they tried to do the same to me omg
    Crammig a bunch of exams into one month and expecting students to be able to do them all with little to no problem is just plain silly! Sorry that schools are like that now. ono
    Hehehe, that would be alot of fun to write like that! Would make writing more interesting! X3
    That's awesomesauce new Roxana! Hope you'll be able to relax and fun without any worries now! ^U^
    What's Gigiri? o.o Yay! You'll be a Mini Doctor/Vet then! 8D
    Here you go! 8D Yes, I am! Though Lightning Bikini pics are pretty hard to find! XD
    Then your full of Fang Fang power then! Come on Roxana! You can finish FF13! 8D
    Kinda true. It does feel strange at first playing KH on nintendo. But you get used to it over time! XD
    Awww...then how about you save up your money for a video game then! 8D *gets slapped*

    Would pay each month for junior college, but think it might cost a bit more then I make. ono
    Whoops! Sorry about that! Accidently typed KI! XD And I don't work here. I work at a Round Table Pizza! 8D
    X'D I actually do go to the gym. Have just got back into going as I've been lazy for two months! ;u; So I'll be all good looking before I get into junior college! ;D and I can't get a tan. I already have dark skin! XD Can I wear boxers instead? 8D *gets slapped again*
    XD Don't worry! I don't think of you in that way! Only has my best buddies! And sorry if I made you embarrassed! ^_^;
    Okie Dokey then! Cus if you did, then that would be bad because drinking can mess you up REALLY badly if you make it into a habit! Drinking EVERY once in awhile is okay though! ^U^
    o3o m@ybE~
    yo dawg you should'a kicked him in his nads yo! HOW HE HURT YOU YO!? lol not gonna believe the hair one yo that shiz i needs proof of that claim yo~
    good yo as am i no spoilers yo!
    i dont know a k-pop x'D
    well yo my day was long as fuck yo. i didnt cut my hair into a boy's hair cut cause i already has it that way yo and i totally used my last run on my kh3d demo yo ;~;
    i IS GooooDDDD~
    ;~; yOu d0nt h@ve 2 cry for him he was a HeRo!
    ^3^ wEll 0day *gives you cookies*

    i is good, wating for kh3d to come out :3 what have you been doing?
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