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Recent content by *Rikku*

  1. *Rikku*

    The battle of dark and light (sign up)

    In the world that we are living in it... they are some people that have special powers and are super naturals. In the beginning there were 5 only 3 male 2 female. Humans call does super naturals "born killers" They thought they would kill humans but they wouldn't and one day a human attack one...
  2. *Rikku*

    Vocaloid RP

    OK here are the rules: *no f-words *You can't use other peoples characters *Have fun :tongue: ~main Characters (choose one and I'll wright it) -Hatsune Miku:*Rikku* -Kagamine Rin -Kagamine Len -Kaito -Meiko -Kamui Gakupo -Megurine Luka -gumi -Miki -Kaai Yuki -hiyama kiyoteru (Its ok if all...
  3. *Rikku*

    HELP I need anime piano sheet

    Hi I need fruits basket "Epilogue" piano sheet without downloading it so if you know a place please give me the link Thanks~
  4. *Rikku*

    ~*~Rikku's fanclub~*~

    Rikku's fanclub We like Rikku becouse: *She is funny *She is cute *She is friendly *She is kind *others..... Best Rikku's cosplays: pictures: ,
  5. *Rikku*

    HELP ME PLZ... *A baby sparrow*

    You see I hope I have post it in right place. Today I find a baby bird that is new born and close to his deth and I help him and give him water with little sugar. He is breathing little hard and he cant stand. Good news is he can move his legs and wings. He dont have much energy and he always...
  6. *Rikku*

    today's the day!!!!!!!

    Well I have to wait tell sep! Well good luck playing it.
  7. *Rikku*

    Favorite KH2 World?

    The world that never was.Imean nobodys castle!
  8. *Rikku*

    kairi's keyblade

    Yeh...but aquas key blade is difrent im sure!
  9. *Rikku*

    Destiny Place

    I have the same question.But I kinda find the answer.What I find was Riku learn some thing from David coperphild!He appear the key blade! You see whats the point?!Hee hee!J.K this is a bug that they forget to show.K.H II got so much bug.like in pirates of carabian in the end of it Jack in the...