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  • lol At least your waiting less time than we used to around here. The creator of RWBY and DeadFantasy died. D=
    That's cool.
    And I'm for sure waiting! And waiting... I'm we'll be getting some khIII info in the next video game event! I can't wait!
    It was a animation someone made on their own. They made it and took a song from some band and put it altogether.

    May be waiting a while. Info on KH is so spare it's sad.
    What was that? It reminded me of Scooby doo people in a castle with heartless. Was is something someone made?

    I wish some new interesting khIII information would come... I would be happy with just a pic of Sora and Riku's new looks and attire!
    Well... I like a lot of the characters. But I think my favorite is Riku. Ventus and Roxas tie in second place. I know they're 2 different people, but I like them both the same! Could be because I've seen more of Roxas than Ven. Or else I'd probably like Ven the most. Sora's my third. I'm so glad they made a site where we can talk about kingdom hearts! It seems to be the only thing I'm into. So I try to study all I can about it and keep updated with all the new information. It's better than any other game or movie I've ever seen! That was pretty geeky of me... Lol!
    I don't have a favorite character to be honest. There are characters I find okay and ones I dislike. It's all groups for me.

    How about you?
    Cool! Talk away then! But… first, I have to warn you, I don't always have wifi, but I check on here every couple days or so. I try my best!

    Who's your fav character?
    You just seemed like someone interesting to talk to. xD
    I think sora x kairi missed your message. If you click the "view converstaion" link before you reply your reply will show up on the person your messaging page.
    Hi! What made you want to add me as a friend? Not that I'm mad of course! Just curious. And, thanks! This is to the user who last said hello.
    Thanks! I enjoy making my own avatar. You can do anything you want that way! I even get to give Riku a haircut. I like yours too! I've accepted your friend request.
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