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  • Hey i just wanted to remind you that the RPG is up and you should go check it out! it's tons of fun and there's alot of clans willing to recruit new members! You should at least check it out!
    You should really see some of the comments over at a site called MyAnimeList. Those fanboys/fangirls aren't happy at all either, adding to the fact that most of them have rated the new season a 1/10.
    Nope not quite. Its currently airing in Japan, six episodes so far that I know of have aired.
    I've been fairly annoyed at how the 2nd second has been turning out so far, I mean come all after all of the hype we get the same episodes over and over again?
    wow that sounds interesting! best of luck to you! haha how come you want to switch colleges? you don't like the one you're at now?
    yeah I know what you mean. You just havet o give yourself time thats all. ^^

    I'm taking some art classes like 2D and Art history to start off with. other than that, writing classes and math. the classes take up a lot of my day, but I guess that's what college means. I just hope my job doesnt get mad hahaha
    this is true, but there are people who can be very trustworthy. you just have to find them ^^

    yeahh I have actually lol Ive chosen Montclair State University. I'm going for orientation and setting up my classes tomorrow lol Im really excitedd
    I'm really sorry to hear that you are going through this. no one deserves any kind of treatment like that, especially you you're too sweet! haha I know the feeling. sometimes I can't tell if I should trust my best friend with things. use your instincts, and I'm sure there's a bunch of people out there for you that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. in the meantime, don't let it affect you physically. this kind of drama isn't worth harming yourself, trust me. I hope everything turns out for the best real soon ^^
    Your welcome! Thanks for accepting it!
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