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    Where Terra Aqua and Ven all meet each other

    My guess is to make it an individual experience for each character you play as. You'll probly see some parts in one, others in another.
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    A question about Zack...

    where is zack in bbs? does anyone have a pic? Or are you guys talking about terra?
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    FF Character's World?

    I remember in KH1 Leon said that 10 years prior, the heartless destroyed their world. Does that mean we can expect to see a FF world in KH: BBS?
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    A Question about the new Pokemon Games

    I was wondering, since I am still playing crystal, how the newer ones are, and if they are worth me running out and getting. It's only an opinion I want, and I would be thankful for your help.
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    Don't know that anyone would care

    But my Birthday is on 4/30. fast approaching.
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    Is Final Mix+ region-free?

    neither one of them's true?
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    Is Final Mix+ region-free?

    I wanted to know if Final Mix+ was region-free, and also if there was an option for english text. I'm sure someone's imported it, and I'm sure that they'd know. Please get back to me, thanks.
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    Fanfiction ► The ppls Fan Fic!

    Great. Never even saw this one.
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    Fanfiction ► The ppls Fan Fic!

    Sora flew into Riku who was gasping for air. "SOMEONE GET ME MY INHALER!"
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    Can I Get A Summary of Everything, Plz?

    I'm not very good at interpreting hints and stuff, and I haven't played in a while, too. So can someone please say what is being planned for the next game, as much as is known? Thanks. I've tried to look at the threads on here and I haven't really had the time to look through all of them...
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    Fanfiction ► The ppls Fan Fic!

    He turned around but didn't see anything. Then he turned around again and saw someone was coming at him, and he had wings.
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    Fanfiction ► The ppls Fan Fic!

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    Fanfiction ► The ppls Fan Fic!

    "You know what? I've got an idea." said Sora. "What is it?" sang Riku. "Everyone follow me!" said Sora. They followed him to the surface. Then they got out on the shore, where Donald changed them back to humans. Then Sora froze the water solid. "BLIZZAGA!" he yelled, then said to the...
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    Fanfiction ► The ppls Fan Fic!

    "Why does this always happen?" asked Sora. "I DON"T KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!" sang Riku.
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    The book in yen sids tower

    I'll read it now. I'm at that part. I just started an new game.