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  • RIIIIIIIIIIIIX :D Im here, not for too long since I've started living my life alot more, but i am here :D I haven't spoken to you in ages, how've you been? Still working in the same place? :3 Hope things have been well for you ^_^
    wait you live in oslo!? didnt know that o.o

    anyways, how're you doing now? still shocked, scared?
    yay i no afraid not recognize you now :D

    married? THIS IS MADNESS!!!! O.O

    ...... wait >.> is it an online marriage thing or real life? <.<

    (sorry a lil paranoid from hearing so many people say they got married when it was only an online thing -_-)
    well i feel stupid now, cant believe i forgot that... >.>

    its nice to see some people haven't changed their screen names since the time i've been gone -_-

    so how's it been?
    huh bottom of what page?

    its been too long, i dont even remember the features on this forum >.>
    I burst into a gigglesnort fit whenever I see you. You bring joy to my Heart, Brigadier.
    Of course! Here you go~

    I am highly amused, Kupo.
    *clears throat*
    As you may or may not know, we as a group also provide entertainment to our troops so as to keep morale high. I am thus putting you in charge of the Chocobo races and the casion.
    Do keep the establishment in line, Brigadier LuxMog.
    Luxord is awesome. Definitely one of my favorite Org. members~

    Oh hey, I beat my record! :D Got this done in half an hour. Unfortunately Moogle ears are too short so his FABULOUS bling isn't visible.

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    I don't know why, but I feel giddy that I get to put facial hair on another moogle xD
    Of course! :D

    Please wait an hour or two and then your uniform will be on its way!

    Also, I'm friending you :3
    Not at all! :D

    Youniquee, Taocha, Ethnic Woman and I are all female and have male character Mogs :D
    Yup! Welcome to the corps! :D

    Mmm, it'd be easier if I list who is already taken:

    KHMogs: Xion, Riku, KH2 Sora, Namine, Master Xehanort, Terra, Aqua, Ven, Axel, Zexion
    DissidiaMogs: Default Sephiroth, Default Emperor, Default Lightning, Default Prishe, Default Sage Onion Knight
    CrisisCoreMogs: Older Zack

    I can make a Mog out of these three games, with any character. Take your pick! :D
    The NamiMog is indeed taken.
    Both myself and Admiral RiMog have approved of you, and would like to offer you a position in the force.
    Please report to Admiral RiMog so you can have your uniform prepared for you.
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