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  • Damn, I'm sorry dude =/ I'm still in the dark with mine, so for all I know my order didn't go through either. Put yourself on the waiting list though just in case!
    On my bank account, give that a check. Square emailed me back twice this morning, but nothing back from them since to update on.
    Moving is such a pain! I hope I can get Pokemon Omega Ruby to replace my Pokemon Y, I had to give up thanks to groceries. I am also trying to find someone to fix my 3DSXL, since I've been waiting from November until now to have the repairman fix it. He's been away and I don't know anyone that can fix my 3DSXL for cheap right now.

    I hope once I move that I can get a lot of things for my new apartment. I hope I can get my PS4 fixed.
    Lol, I did respond in the pokemon thread. Thinks should be back on track now.

    Thanks! I was genuinely surprise you'd give the codes to me like that. Lol. So yeah, thank you so much! \^o^/ How've you been doing lately btw?
    Thanks! Yeah, this was kind of a last minute thing, but I'll let you know ahead of time next time. I sent back a pm about one of the codes having an extra digit in it.
    That's some sixth sense stuff ya got going on there, lol.

    Ideally I'd ask for all three of them. One for my X version, and two for someone I know that has Y and AS versions but didn't get a mew card during the event. If you only want to part with one or two then that's fine. My main goal is to get at least one for my friend who didn't get one.
    Hi Rob. Did you still have those leftover Mew code cards? I remember you had 4 before the old pokemon thread was closed.
    Seriously?! Then you should move up here, lol. It's nice to look at, but you really don't want to deal with it. I mean, it's nice to have some for a good period of time, but it gets old quick. XD

    And thanks for the video!

    Oh, really? I didn't know that! Well, I live in a good town but no actors coming by, lol. Yeah, it has been cold lately and there is going to be some snow on the way where I live. Hopefully it won't be that bad.
    You should try to watch it again. It might be fun to do so.

    Hmm, if you had asked me when I was in middle school, I'd say the 76's because of Allen Iverson. Now in then present, it's the Clippers for obvious reasons, lol. So you live in Miami, huh? Do you get to see any awesome actors lately?
    I have Phione in the GTS and hoping that somebody will trade it for a Chandelure. Do you think I have a good chance of getting Chandelure by offering Phione for trade?
    Oh, I'm quite familiar with it. In fact, I grew up watching the anime series but never really played the game, though. I'd say Exodus The Forbidden One and Dark Magician are my favorite characters.

    As for basketball, I occasionally watch from time to time and The Clippers are quite the team to watch out since you've got Blake Griffin on the court delivering high and low shots then you got all of his dunks. Not a guy you want to get near if you really want to live, lol.
    It's going good; just finally finished Batman: Arkham Origins on normal so I could get into new game plus, lol. Otherwise, it has been easy.
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